Said isn’t dead; said just needs new friends.

If you’re struggling to not use the word “said” for every line of conversation in your writing, I can relate.

“Said” is one of those verbs you can’t ignore, because it’s just that important, but after a while, you just want to tell “said” to go home. It’s annoying to read that word again and again in a book. It’s even worse when you’re writing, and you feel you’ve got nothing better.

One of the best resources I’ve found in my years of writing is a list of said synonyms. These are verbs you definitely know exist, but you kind of forget about them when you’ve been writing for more than an hour. It’s a lot easier to use verb variation when they’re staring at your face.

Thank you to the Northern Nevada Writing Project ( for this incredible resource. All the rights for this chart goes to NNWP. You can find it in its original format here.


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