This is Your Invitation to The Fantasy Realm

Good day, traveler. This is your cordial invitation to The Fantasy Realm. I will be your guide, The Sage.


As I began my last year of college, I realized I wanted to do something special at the University of Connecticut. Believe me, UConn has given me many incredible opportunities and wonderful memories, but I wanted to do something in which I really put my heart and soul.

Seeing as I found a home at UConn’s radio station, WHUS Radio, I thought it would be fun to be a DJ of my own show. However, I couldn’t just do a music show.

I am the type of person that listens to the same song on repeat for four days straight. I don’t think many listeners would enjoy a full hour of the same song, not to mention, that doesn’t comply with WHUS’ policies.

So, after thinking about it for a few months, I thought it would be fun to do a storytelling show. I would be able to use music that I enjoy, such as film scores, video game OST’s, and what people call “epic trailer music”. It would also be a great way to ensure, throughout the semester, that I kept writing creatively which is something I’ve struggled with all four years at UConn. Lastly, it would allow me to explore other genres I usually don’t write in, and as a result, I’d become a better writer through these challenges I’d set for myself.

And so, “The Fantasy Realm: Interactive Storytelling with WHUS” was born.

The concept is quite simple. You, traveler, are invited to pass through a portal into a different world. I, The Sage, will guide you through your story in this world, and along the way, musical scores will help add ambience and color to these stories.

What makes it interactive? These stories invite you to use your own imagination. Not only are the stories in second person, but I also ask questions that allow you to add your own twists to the tale with your imagination. It’s almost like I’m guiding you through a daydream. You are not obligated to answer the questions in any way. If you just want to enjoy a good story, then all you have to do is listen.

Now, how can you listen to these radio broadcasts?

If you live near the UConn area, you can tune in on 91.7 FM at the time of the show. If you do not, you can go to At the top of the page, you will find these three play buttons.

Screenshot captured by A. D. Sage on

Click on the play button to the left of “whus fm”, in other words, the very first play button. This is an online stream of the FM broadcasting. You can tune in from wherever you are at the time of the show.

So, what time is the show?

Tune in every Wednesday from 1 – 2 PM EST to listen to “The Fantasy Realm: Interactive Storytelling on WHUS”

What if you can’t tune into the live show? Though you won’t be able to hear the show the way it aired, you will be able to find the full playlist as well as a transcript of the story in The Fantasy Realm Archive.

You’ll be able to find behind-the-scenes content for each story in the archive as well.

If you would like reminders of the show’s airing, clues of what the show may be about that week, and more behind-the-scenes content, I invite you to follow me on twitter and/or instagram!

I hope you join me on this adventure that is The Fantasy Realm. I’m excited to end my college years with a project I am proud of and excited to share with all of you.

Fairfarren, friends.

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