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A Fantasy Realm Tale: The First Quest – Behind the Scenes


I went back to my roots as a writer for this story. Whatever came to mind, that’s what I wrote down. No planning, no plotting involved whatsoever.

This was the very first story I wrote for my show, so it taught me a great many things about writing a story that involves timing and selected music. The story taught me to pick my words based on how they would sound aloud rather than how they looked on the page. It also taught me that plotting was the best way to go for these stories.

My inspiration for this story came from a short-lived obsession I had with a song called “Moorlough Shore” by Celtic Woman. I was just completely enchanted by the voice of Éabha McMahon and intrigued by the story of the song.

I immediately knew I needed this song to speak for itself when I played it, so I used its lyrics as the basis for the love story of Keela and Finn.

I was also inspired by the wisps in the movie “Brave” and the idea of a soul trapped in an animal. The idea that Finn is trapped in an animal seemed to fit perfectly with why he would be gone for so long.

This story also features a very important location for me: Lionheart. Though in this tale it is a kingdom, for me, Lionheart is actually the capital of an empire called Ethesa, the home of my heros in my soon-to-be-published novel.

It was quite fun to have this little easter egg for myself. It allowed me to enjoy a place I created outside the confines of my novel.

I truly hope you enjoyed this story. Though I have so many more of which I am so very proud, I know this tale was an important one. It opened the path for me to be able to write those far more thrilling stories to come.

Fairfarren, friend.

Fairfarren, Friends

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