A Series of Miserable Attempts at Iambic Pentameter: The Color Blue

This is a series I wanted to start just for the fun of it.

In a creative writing class I took, we had to learn how to write in iambic pentameter. As the nerd I am, I was so happy I was finally going to learn something I’d heard so much about.

Of course, as the college student I am, I had a very busy schedule, so a lot of my “poems” where I had to showcase my knownledge of iambic pentameter are just…not…good. At all. So, I thought it’d be funny to post them up here.

I’ve also just recently finished the last season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix (yes, I will admit, I cried a lot when it ended), so you can guess where the title of my new series came from.

The Color Blue

A. D. Sage
The sky uncovers Blue’s affair with White.
The rose with aqua petals bows to cold.
There is a darker blue beneath the waves.
A witch approaches when the flame’s a blue.
My glasses transform blue to royal blue.
The night’s a tint of blue that calls the wolves.
She chose an ugly shade of blue for her.
His daughter calms her son with quiet blues.
The color blue’s a wonderful detail.
The kitten has its eyes with icy blue.

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