Time for a Reality Check | Query Quest Week Four


This semester, I am taking an English course called “Books and Book Publishing”. Despite a professor that doesn’t motivate me to go to class very much, I am actually excited for the work I’ll produce in this class, because it’ll be a big help for my query quest.

The class focuses on the publishing industry. We will be learning all the technical parts of a book, cover, and manuscript as well as all the secrets of how the industry works from the perspective of editors, book designers, and agents.

Next week, I have a book proposal due. I plan to use my current manuscript for the book proposal, so I can get some feedback on not only the proposal but the content of my story as well.

The professor seems very experienced. He has many published books that have done well and some not so well. He’s also worked in the industry, so I hope with his help, I’ll be prepared to take on the agents I’ve set aside to contact.

There are some speakers scheduled to come talk to us about their area of expertise, so I definitely plan to ask them questions. I’ll also be sure to talk about the experience here.

I don’t expect to come out of this class with a signed contract, but I do expect to get a better idea of how the industry works. I think with a better understanding, I’ll be able to sell my book better and even be less upset when I get turned down by an agent.

When he asked each student why they took the class, I said, “I’m here to get a reality check.”

And it’s true. As much as I love writing and world-building, the truth is being an author means being a part of a business. Though you should join the business because you love to write and not to make money off a book, that doesn’t mean you should be ignorant of how the business works.

In the meantime, I’m working on my WIP II which is a fantasy-adventure trilogy. I’m really excited about it. It’s definitely a challenge for me, since it’s the first time I’m paying close attention to plot structure and character development.

I started outlining book two today, and I’m getting very anxious about what the ending will be like, because I still haven’t figure that out yet! We’ll have to wait and see.

Fairfarren, friends.

Fairfarren, Friends

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