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A Fantasy Realm Tale: The Metropolis of Magic


*The following is a transcript of a WHUS Radio FM broadcast aired on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 from 1-2 PM along with the music used to accompany the story*


{Legends of Azeroth (Main Title) – Tracy Bush – World of Warcraft}

Good afternoon, traveler. You have stepped into a portal here on WHUS Storrs and are now in the Fantasy Realm. Welcome. I am your guide, The Sage. Today, we travel to the metropolis of magic, where all who wish to learn the art of the supernatural go to study the magic of their choice. Which magic would you like to learn, traveler? Witchcraft or wizardry? Charms or enchantments? Alchemy or prophecy? How about dark magic? For your enjoyment, I recommend creating a character to follow along. How experienced are you, traveler? Are you trying a new field or hoping to master your preferred art? What tools do you use for your magical profession? You get to decide, and best think quick, traveler. Your story is about to begin.

{Winter – Paul Halley – The Halley Quartet}

In the empire of Valdy, the great city of Hayxa stands tall in a vast field, bordered by the Rosewater Forest. Magic roams all across the empire of Valdy, but to learn how to use this natural power for all those born in Valdy, one must study in the city of Hayxa.

Whether self-studied or as an apprentice, all who go to Hayxa go to learn the art of their choice.

They city is a bustling beast, the magical energy pulsing in the air as if the metropolis can breathe. The buildings are all wonky and limpy, as if a tornado has passed so many times, the city never bothered to straighten itself up again.

The common practices, like witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery and enchantments live in the center. Potion-making and alchemy magic-learners live on the outskirts, close to their ingredients in the Rosewater Forest. Even farther still, in the obscure parts of Valdy, lie conclaves of religious magical practices and covens of dark magic-learners.

The fields of magical power are vast, but all magic-learners in Hayxa, in Valdy, rely on those who create the most important tool a magic-learner needs. It is what harnesses the magical powers of this world and allows magic to be preformed.

It is a cloak made by a skilled, magical tailor. This, traveler, is where our tale begins.

Long ago, there was a tailor named Philippa Fogg , and she was the most skilled at her craft. The tailors of Hayxa have a special skill: they embed the magic of the world of a magic-learner’s choosing into the stitiches of a cloak.

Philippa Fogg was a fast-paced tailor who often had forgotten to take off her gloves before summer and often had forgotten to put her shoes back on before winter. Her nimble fingers knew each of her specially-collected threads and needles, so much so that each needle was named and each thread placed in a very specific spot somewhere in her small cottage.

Philippa Fog created many cloaks for many magic-learners. All the wizards and sorcerers and enchantresses of Hayxa knew her well. They knew her by her chocolate-brown hair swirled up in a messy bun, by her unnaturally long eyelashes and wrinkly skin, by her hunched back covered by her own tailor’s cloak, a family heirloom, and of course, by her little basket filled with tailor tools and her toad named Michael.

Her voice sounded like dust being blown off a page, but her laughter sounded like the bubles of a fresh tankard of ale. She was a hummingbird in the city, whizzing around ready for conversation.

Philippa Fogg was known for her long chats, but even better known for her work. She made cloaks with hoods, some without, some with intricate designs at the sleeves or at the hems, some with fur lining and some that are as light as water held in the palm of one’s hand.

One day, a person only known by their long jet black hair that reached their ankles came knocking at Philippa Fogg’s door. The person asked for a cloak, like any other magic-learner, but this cloak was to have, in the stitching, the dark magical properties of Scorched Obsidian.

The embers of Scorched Obsidian hold the properties of the darkest magic. Not even those magic-learners who practice the dark arts will dare touch Scorched Obsidian, for it is too powerful for any to wield.

However, this magic-learner, who came to be known as Ondina, thought she was sufficiently skilled in the dark arts to have such magic in her cloak.

Philippa Fogg put up a fight. She was steadfast in that her tailoring desk would never feel that dark magic ever in her lifetime.

Hearing this, Ondina said, “Well, the solution is simple.” The next morning, Hayxa awoke to the burning smoke of Philippa Fogg’s cottage. The great tailor of magical cloaks was no more.

The magic-learners of Hayxa built a statue in memory of Philippa Fogg. Today, they celebrate the anniversary of her passing. People present her statue with many magical gifts, such as books, runes, potions, and wands as well as some of her favorite objects like threads and needles.

As more and more gifts are presented to the statue, and more and more folk pass through the city’s center, rumors have sparked that Ondina hs been spotted, actively looking for another tailor to create the Scorched Obsidian cloak.

Many magic-learners are terrified of what can happen to the world if Ondina does, in fact, acquire this cloak. Some, anger still gripping their shoulders, call for justice to be brought upon Ondina for her crime. It has been some time since Ondina has been seen, so the rumors have everyone on edge. 

Night has fallen, and you sit at the local tavern after a long day of studies. You speak with the bartender, a skilled alchemist, and you learn that there is word that a seer has seen Ondina’s whereabouts. This seer is skilled in eyeing the world through an eagle’s eye.

You decide to go see what this seer has to say. Perhaps you can be the one to stop Ondina from seeking this mad venture and save Valdy from the dark magic of Scorched Obsidian.

You go around asking the city folk where you might find this seer. After a few unintentional burps to the face, you finally get an answer from a witch.

She tells you that all those who practice the art of supernatural insight live in The Sightseer’s Eyrie. It is high up in the moutains, past the Rosewater Forest, to the north of Hayxa.

You also learn that the seer you seek is named Willow, an aged seer who has live in The Sightseer’s Eyrie for over forty-three years.

With all this information, you are ready for this quest, but you are tired. Perhaps it is best to depart in the morning. So, what will you do? Will you head to bed for a good night’s rest or enjoy the quirky company of the tavern tonight?

{Eagle’s Wings – X-Ray Dog – Muttsketeer}

The morning comes energized, ready for a day filled with magical wonders. With a mount of your choice, you travel north to The Sightseer’s Eyrie.

Owls and crows share the skies as cats and toads fill the unoccupied corners of the city. As you reach the outskirts, a burst of rosewater freshens you up and plans an unapologetic grin on your face.

The Rosewater Forest, though it smells pleasantly, looks as careless as the city of Hayxa itself. Untidy and unkempt, like a witch’s cottage and brew. Nevertheless, the path is clear and level. It’s a smooth journey toward the mountains.

The sun reaches its peak by the time you see the mountains, and soon, you start to imagine the eyrie. Seers, oracles, sibyls, and crystal gazers roam those halls, looking not at the vast landscape their home has to offer so high up in the mountains, but rather looking into the past and the future.

There, you shall find the seer Willow. There, hopefully, you will fnd a way to look for Ondina.

As you head up the moutain, you look back and are blown away by the unusal beauty Hayxa offers. Hayxa is the interesting tangled vines your eye catches in a garden, surrounded by boring perfection.

{Saga – Simon Poole – Dreamfall Chapters OST}

The Sightseer’s Eyrie from far away looks like the nest of an eagle. Once nearby, however, you realize it is in fact a castle. Its building blocks are russet at night, but they turn to a glazed caramel color in the sun.

The eyrie sits proudly above all else, aware that perhaps she is not the most beautiful castle, but she is the one who will remain standing when all others have fallen.

You enter through a large wooden door which has a crystal ball as a door knocker. The halls of the castle are empty save for a few floating bowls of fire lighting the corridors. The ambience is made up of soft mutterings, pencil scratches on parchment, shuffling cards and clinking crystals. All feels still, as if you are walking between dreams without telling the dreammaker.

You ask for assistance from someone nearby. They direct you to Willow’s chambers. You make it there no problem and find the door open you.

Willow’s room, like the castle, is quite bare. All you see is a bed, a few candles, and a large round table at which she sits. There is also a small bowl of liquid on the windowsill, out from which you can see the other side of the mountain.

Without looking up at you, she tells you to sit. You do as instructed as she finishes up a few notes. You sit in silence as she scribbles the possibilities the future holds according to her eagle’s eyes.

{The Prophet – X-Ray Dog – Canis Rex, Vol. 1}

Amber eyes look up at you, begging you to stare yet warning you to not stare too long. The air suddenly becomes dense, the heavy feeling of fog filling the room without actually obscuring your view.

In a raspy voice, Willow ask if you want to know where Ondina is. You say yes.

Willow’s brown hair turns to a frosty white color. Her hands covered in tattooed rings stroke the desk. Then, she nods.

Like an owl, her head swivels toward the window. With the flick of her finger, she motions the bowl of liquid from the windowsill. It glides over to her, and it hovers over the round table. As she fills the bowl with ingredients from her table, she ask you to think of a memory.

“Any memory will do,” she says, “small or significant. It just has to make you smile.”

You ask why, and she tells you it is your payment. Slightly confused, you say you’re willing to pay coin.

She chuckles and says, “Joy is a lot more powerful than coin. It’s one of the most powerful ingredient one can have for any spell or potion.”

So, you take time to think of a memory, one that makes you smile…

Then, the seance begins. Willow closes her eyes and starts to mutter in a languag you don’t know. Her hands stir the liquid in the bowl without actually getting her fingers wet.

The liquid transforms to a soft gray smoke. You hear whispers all around you. Energy wakes up the room and without realizing it, you start to grip onto the chair’s arms.

An image appears in the smoke. You see a figure with long jet black hair standing at a shoreline. Willow says, “Ondina is looking for a tailor named Elsie who lives by the Silver Sea. There is a shadow over Ondina. Her path has been set by darkness and she cannot find the light, so all she does is follow the darkness.”

Willow also tells you to be careful. The road you follow is also dark, so you musn’t forget to seek out the light.

{The Dark-Haired Girl – Méav – Silver Sea}

You get directions from Willow to Elsie’s home by the Silver Sea, and you make your way there. The shoreline is not far.

Soon enough, you start to feel the mist of the sea brush you cheeks. The ground gets light and gradually turns to sand. The sky is gray. The sea is a dark blue with a gray undertone. The waves are gentle, crashing onto the shore in rhythm. The scene is humble. This is not a beach one visits to see the sun. This beach is where one brings friends and blankets to have philosophical conversations by a fire.

At the edge of the beach, right before it turns back to grass, sits a little shack. In front of it,  there is a young potion-maker paying close attention to her cauldron.

She wears a long white dress with a gray apron. Her feet are bare as she skips around her cauldron, her giddy smile reflecting her excitement for her work. Her golden hair is decorated with shells.

You approach her and asks if she is Elsie.

She giggles, “No, if I were Elsie, I’d have finally figured out how to make this potion by now. She’s the talent in our home, not I. I’m just the lucky one who gets to spend the rest of my life with her. Elsie’s in there, tailoring away.”

She points you to the tailor’s room. Inside, a blue-haired and very short woman is vigorously fixing the hem of a cloak. She sits cross-legged on an ornate carpet, surrounded by piles and piles of fabric.

“How can I help ya?” She asks, thread between her teeth.

You explain that you are searching for Ondina and were told she was last seen here.

“Aye, I know Ondina,” she says,” The nerve of her showin’ up at ma door step after what she did to poor Philippa Fogg, and what’s more! Still askin’ for that Scorched Obsidian cloak. I turned her straight away. Never will that evil magic see these four walls. I’ve worked with dark elements before, don’t get me wrong, but Scorched Obsidian is forbidden even amongst the darkest covens I know. Never I will touch it. Never.”

You ask if she knows where Ondina has headed off to.

“She’s probably just down the path toward Howler’s Wood. Hasn’t been long since she left.”

You thank Elsie and her wife for their help and leave. There is a wooden post near the shack pointing in the direction of Howler’s Wood, going up toward a cliff that lines the Silver Sea.

You follow it. The waves to your left start to gain some height, and the cloudy sky gets just a bit darker.

{Spread the Word – James Newton Howard – Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald OST}

As you reach the top of the cliff, you see a figure with long jet black hair standing at the edge. It is the very same vision you saw in the smoke when you visited Willow in The Sightseer’s Eyrie. Her hair reaches her ankles; you are sure it is Ondina.

You call out to her. She turns to you. You notice her long, black and tattered dress as well as her brown leather boots. Her eyes, however, hold your attention for they are coated with fear.

“Leave me be, fool.” She lifts her chin awkwardly high, and her fingers are fidgety, unsure of what they should do.

You ask why she is seeking such an evil cloak, knowing the dangerous properties it can possess.

Her laugh is forced, almost like a cough.”You think I’d waste my time with the likes of you? Ha! You make me laugh.” Her eyes keep shifting, avoiding her gaze. Her frizzy hair is blown by the wind as you take a few steps forward.

In a low voice, you ask again why she is doing this. Her eyes glance down as her hands grip the fabric of her dress.

“I confess,” she says, “This cloak is not for me. It is for my master. When I moved to Hayxa, I made the terrible mistake of becoming the apprentice of a well-known and feared dark witch named Ariadne. I am now cursed. If I do not get this cloak for Ariadne, I will lose my first-born.”

She holds onto her belly which only now you notice slightly protrudes her dress. Tears coat her face as she cries, “I cannot lose my child. I cannot!”

You ask what Ariadne plans to do with the cloak.

With a few sniffles in her speech, she says, “Ariadne feels betrayed. She is after revenge. She believes Hayxa made her an outcast in the empire of Valdy. She wants to finish what she started when she burnt down Philippa Fogg’s home. With Scorched Obsidian, one can burn land so ferociously, nothing will ever grow there ever again, no matter how much healing magic is set upon it. Ariadne wants to burn down all of Hayxa with the cloak.”

You think of the metropolis, the place where all magic is learned and explored. You think of all the magic-learners who live there, the bustling streets kept bust because of them. You think of all the hsitory, all the creations, all the lives in Hayxa.

You then think of the ash that would replace it all if Ariadne succeeds.

{Crusaders of the Light – Globus – Epicon}

In learning this truth, you find yourself compelled to find Ariadne and to stop her.

Ondina, though still terrified of Ariadne, feels inspired and decides to help you. She tells you that Ariadne lives just beyond the borders of Valdy, in what is known as Inyet Land. You fear it may take too long to get to the outer edges of the Valdy Empire.

Ondina gasps, then whistles loudly. A griffin flies overhead, its majestic eagle wings spread wide. He calls out to you both with a roar that then becomes a high-pitched whistle, a response to Ondina’s own whistle. He circles over you, then lands, its large paws and claws digging deep into the sand.

Ondina pets the griffin and says,”He was a gift, as Ariadne calls it. She gave him to me to help with my task in finding a tailor. If you show up at Ariadne’s home with the him, you’ll have a better chance of getting through the gates. Don’t worry. He knows the way.”

You thank Ondina and hop onto the griffin. With another loud roar, he takes off. You and the griffin soar over the empire of Valdy, the beautiful land of magic.

As you turn away from the Silver Sea, the sky turns to a soft and marshmellow blue with pinkish orange. The landscape past Howler’s Wood is nothing but hills. Villages are scattered across the land, some next to large pools of mystical water and others next to large fields of enchanted flora. The animals of the land paint the landscape, like accidental dots on a painted canvas.

There is a sweet smell to the air. It tickles your nostrils a bit, like specks of magic filling your nose. Birds fly with you, their chirping adding to the low hum of the land.

The griffin veers to the right, toward the mountain range at Valdy’s borders. The mountains are a dark brown, covered with the purest of white snow. They can almost touch the fluffy clouds with how tall they are. You fly over them, and suddenly see a drastic change in the land.

As if a quilt was passed from a professional to a beginner to finish off, the land turns stark. Inyet Land is a broken shell whereas Valdy is the flawless pearl inside.

The miserable land is dreary, the grass a deceased green and the rivers and lakes with grim waters. The air is stuffy and makes your throat uncomfortable.

Inyet Land is where those who see no value in beauty go to live.

You enter a dark forest and then see Ariadne’s home.

It is a tall, black castle in the shape of a staff. The castle is shaped like a tree with its long trunk-like structure but at the top, there is an orb made of dark blue glass, making it look like a wizard’s staff. The windows look like the stars in the night sky.

The forest is between two mountains, nestled in a valley. Around the entrances, there are gates, but once they see the griffin, they open and let you through. The griffin begins to circle around the castle to land.

Your heart starts to pound thinking of what you’ll have to do next, unsure of how to even speak to a woman seeking revenge. How will you confront the dark witch Ariadne, traveler? Knowing she is ready to burn down her childhood home.

Once you land, you go toward the castle. The ground is mushy and covered in dead leaves. You circle around the castle a bit, the dark, ominous black color making you nervous.

Finally, you find a door. It’s made of black wood, and it’s in the shape of a pointy nail. The handle is a golden hand in the middle. You take hold and open the door, braced for what evil may lurk inside.

{Alice’s Theme – Danny Elfman – Alice In Wonderland OST}

Unlike the ominous black of the exterior, the inside is puzzling, in the way one expects a quiet person to enjoy quiet things but that person is actually an admirer of din.

You are in a large circular room. The walls are covered in framed everyday objects like coin purses, inkwells and ripped pages. Ornate lamps are lifted up from royal blue rope that infests the walls like vines. The floor is a checkered pattern of blue and white, but the lines of each square are slightly skewed, making the floor seem wavy.

The whole castle smells like the pages of a lone book near a warm fireplace. Distracted by all the odd decorations, you realize there are no doors and no staircase going up toward the orb-like part of the castle.

There is, however, a mirror in the floor at the center of the room. You look down at it. In a voice deeper than the depths of the ocean, it tells you, “To ascend Ariadne’s abode, one must solve a rather ridiculous riddle. Why is a promise like an egg?”

Can you solve the riddle, traveler?

You learn the answer is that they are both easily broken. The mirror grants you permission to ascend.

It feels as though paws of an adorable animal are pressing into your back as they stretch, pushing you up further and further until you reach the top.

You are now inside the orb. The glass, though tinted outside, shows the outside’s natural color. You are in a similar circular room.

Still with the royal blue rope twisting around the walls like a vine, and the askew patterned floors, but there are towers and towers of books and scrolls all over. Several alchemy tables sit around the corners while tarot cards and crystals litter the center.

Amongst all this mess is a woman with white hair that seems to have singed points. She faces away from you looking out the window. You’re unsure she realizes your presence until a crow suddenly swoops down and nips at your finger, drawing blood.

{Amon – Jeremy Zuckerman – The Legend of Korra OST from Book One}

A laugh that sends chills through your bones comes out of the woman in front of you. She takes out a small vial and collects your blood sample from the crow.

“Thank you,” Ariadne says, “for finishing what Ondina never could.”

She explains that she has a potion in which she plans to drench her cloak in order to infuse it with the Scorched Obsidian, a method she believes will be far more effective that having magic in the stitches as tailors have done for thousands of years.

All she needed was a few magical properties that are difficult to come by, like the hair of an ancient tailor, like Philippa Fogg and the blood of an outsider, one who is not native and not a inhabitant of Valdy. A traveler, like yourself.

She turns around and reveals her dark brown eyes and sly smirk on pale lips. Her eyelids are bare. Her skin is like porcelain that has not been properly glazed, beautiful to look at, but uncomfortable to touch.

She walks over to a cauldron and drops your blood into the mixture. Smoke poofs up from the liquid, the burbling of bubbles making you feel a bit sick.

She grabs a cloak off a coat rack. It mimics her hair, for it is all white except for the bottom which is singed and black. She drops it in. The mixture sizzles. The air is dense. You can’t lift your feet to move; you feel so heavy. You try to life your hand to your face, but it’s impossible.

“It’s the obsidian,” she says. “Powerful, it is. Potent.”

Soon, she scoops it out. With a snap of her fingers, the cloak is instantly dried. She wears it; the cloak is a perfect fit. She does a twirl in it, her fingers twesting the fabric.

Your heart then drops as she begins to cackle like a dark witch.

{The Battle – Harry Gregson-Williams – The Chronicles of Narnia}

With a grin made for nightmares and a dangerous cloak, Ariadne summons a black broomstick.

“Farewell, traveler,” she says in a daunting tone, “I’m off to destroy the metropolis that deemed me no good.”

She takes off toward Hayxa. You whistle and summon the griffin to follow her. She is far faster than the griffin with all her new power. Your gaze lingers down to Inyet Land, the bleak and sorrow.

As you pass over the mountain range, you are ready to embrace the beauty of Valdy, but instead, you are greeted by a formidable energy. Hidden beneath this energy is a weak cry for help that feels like the nudging of a helpless animal.

Hayxa is in trouble. You beg the griffin to go faster still, and he does.

Above the great metropolis, you see Ariadne sitting cross-legged on her broomstick. Her back is erect and her sinister smirk is plastered on her face. She strokes her cloak like it’s a pet.

In her hands, she holds a mammoth of a spell book. She flips through the pages, her head to one side, as if this were a normal Sunday afternoon.

You look down to see that no one below is aware of her arival.

“Aha!” You hear her say. She lands on a page in her spell book and is now giggling. Her feet start to kick with excitement as she reads through the page.

Thinking quick on your feet, you fly over to her. You stop a few feet away. She pays you no mind. You try to talk her out of the madness, but she won’t listen.

Rolling her eyes, she finally snaps. “Listen here, you fool. Those who are willing to cast away a member of their community must be happy with casting away anything, so why not cast the whole lot of them? They can rebuild their silly little city elsewhere, but when they do, I’ll be there to burn it down again and again until all of Valdy is lost and all are forced to live in Inyet Land with me.”

Seeing no hesitation in her part, you rush down to the city. You go to Philippa Fogg’s statue, the busiest part of the city. You announce that the dark witch Ariadne has come with Scorched Obsidian cloak to burn down all of Hayxa.

A curtain of fear covers the streets, but these magic-learners are not intimidated so easily. No matter their field or skill, all join together to create a protective shield around the metropolis of magic.

Others have run off for their own flying transportation to face Ariadne head on.

Sparks fly across the sky as Ariadne faces off in battle. So much magical energy is in use, magical dust bunnies are suspended in the air like a snapshot of snowfall. The air is filled with the sounds of people casting spells, of feet sprinting through the streets, and of Ariadne’s disturbing laughter as she defends herself with no problems.

What will you do, traveler? Will you help with the protective shield or will you face Ariadne with the others on your griffin?

“Enough with this nonsense!” Ariadne sends out a powerful blast and knocks all the magic-learners off their flying transports.

Sweat rolls down her forehead as she prepares her spell. A spark flashes in her hands, the spark which will bring a fiery doom to Hayxa.

The city feels like it is holding its breath as they all stare at Ariadne.

Courage propels you to fly at Ariadne, though unsure of what may happen next. She outstretches her hands and is about to say the last part of the spell.

The spark burns to a menacing flame. You are prepared to collide with her. The flame grows larger!

A blue light snuffs out her flame. Empty-handed, Ariadne’s jaw drops, shocked to see magic overpower her Scorched Obsidian cloak. Silence and stillness takes over Hayxa.

{Diem Ex Dei – Globus – Epicon}

You look over to see Ondina, hands outstretched, on a broomstick of her own. Blue sparks jump between her fingers like electricity as she lowers her hands.

Ariadne glares at Ondina. “How dare you-”

“No,” Ondina interrupts, “How dare you, Ariadne, lie to me. You told me the people of Hayxa had changed, that they were possessed by evil only to trap me in your terrible curse. You are the one possessed by evil.”

Ariadne scoffs, “And who do you think made me that way? Yes, that’s right, your precious little magic-learners of Hayxa. I was born and raised in that very city, and I had a natural inclination for dark magic. Like every other dark magic-learner, I practiced in private, but one day, a spell went wrong, and I cause some pretty bad damage to the city. I was promised a mentor by the city’s council to learn to control the dark arts, but I was impatient and disobedient. I kept trying on my own, and I kept destroying the city. No one wanted to work with me. I tried again and again to stop the damage, but I couldn’t figure it out, so I was cast away. Without the mentor I was promised, I was doomed to fail. I was unjustly banished.”

Ondina nods and sighs, “I understand the damage a broken promise can cause. I was also born and raised here in Hayxa. My mother was a tailor, and I was expected to continue her legacy as a tailor, but I don’t have those skills. My mother tried and tried to teach me the art, but I just couldn’t do it. So, I decided to leave Hayxa to discover my true gift: the art of Arcane traditions in Evocation. I promised I’d return but I never did until I was left a widow and with child. If I kept my promise, I would’ve seen my mother alive before you went, disguised as myself, and burned her home. Yes, my name is Ondina Fogg, and I am the daughter of Philippa Fogg.”

With the silence, the people below could hear and all gasped at this revelation.

Ondina continued, “Please, Ariadne, this will bring you no peace of mind. You can find a new life, a new joy, as I did, elsewhere.”

Ariadne shakes her head and says, “The difference between you and I, Ondina, is that the promise was to me, not by me. I cannot let them win.”

Ariadne begins to shake. With a flick of her wrist, the spark is reborn. It is red with anger and golden with confidence.

Ondina flicks her own wrist, a ball of blue electricity sitting in her palm.

Ariadne warns Ondina to get out of her way, but Ondina refuses.

The two battle, the blue light and the red fire trapped in an endless dance as the two try to outdo one another.

Blue and red light flashes onto the cloudy sky. They chase each other like bees, and thunderous cracks of lightening flashes as the two spells collide.

Ariadne’s face is glazed with sweat as the intense heat overtakes her hands. Ondina’s breathing is heavy as she blocks every fireball hurled at her.

The battle is intense as the two zoom through the skies and as all the magic-learners below watch.

Ariadne’s Scorched Obsidian cloak flaps around in the wind as singed marks start to dominate the white fabrics. Ondina has a light blue cloak that seems to curl into her body as she flies around, almost like it’s protecting her.

Ondina stops flying, hovering in the air as Ariadne catches her breath. Ondina mutters a few incantations into her cupped hands. You can’t see it, but you feel as though Ondina is grinning, blinking a few happy tears away.

Then, she opens her hands, revealing a large, spiraling balll of winds, tinted with the blue electricity. Ondina then hurls the ball at Ariadne, knocking her off the broomstick. Ariadne falls, but with one final thrust, sends a large fireball up into the air which begins to descend onto Hayxa.

Ondina takes out the fireball, then you both fly down to Ariadne. You notice that the Scorched Obsidian cloak is gone, burned by Ondina’s blue light spell.

Ondina says, “Joy is one of the most powerful ingredients for any spell or potion.”

Ariadne looks defeated, but also weightless and free, as if shackles she never planned to have on for so long were finally removed. Ondina pulls Ariadne in for a hug, and there is a wash of relief and joy across all of Hayxa.

{Adiemus – Karl Jenkins – Songs of Sanctuary}

Ariadne and Ondina rebuild Philippa Fogg’s home and create a shop of magical wares.

Ariadne, now with her new way of infusing cloaks with magic, becomes the first tailor to create cloaks for magic-learners using a completely new method. Though there are those magic-learners who prefer the traditional method, many were excited to have their cloaks made at a faster pace.

Though talented with her magic, Ondina preferred a quiet life. She found a love for finding and providing magical ingredients and wares. From looking for herbs in the forest to speaking with traveling merchants, Ondina became the face of this new shop where many now come to find their common magical essentials.

On the anniversary of Philippa Fog’s passing, they host a festival, so the community can celebrate her life and the beauty that is unity in community and individuality in magical practices. 

Every year, one can find a young boy stealing a few of the gifts laid out for Philippa Fogg to practice his art at home, for he is the son of Ariadne and the grandson of Philippa Fogg.

He is Philip Fogg, and he will eventually become the next greatest tailor Hayxa had ever seen.

That is the end of our tale for today. Thank you for joining me, but it’s now time for you to step back through the portal to WHUS Storrs. I hope you join me again next week for another adventure. Until then, fairfarren, traveler.


Fairfarren, Friends

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