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A Fantasy Realm Tale: Bilberry’s Dwelling for Critters – Behind the Scenes


The inspiration for this tale came from many different places, but it was all rooted in one main idea: the protagonist.

Often times, my stories focus on you, the traveler, and that’s how it should be. These are your adventures. However, I wanted to find a way to write a character arc into a story. I didn’t think a character arc would be possible for these stories due to the auditory format and the second-person narrative, so I wanted to challenge myself.

With this challenge and a few inspirational artists, Munderic Brutus Bilberry was born.

What a funny fellow, isn’t he?

Let’s start with the title. Orginally, the theme I had in mind while selecting the music revolved around the title “Exotic Pets Breeder.” I wasn’t sure what the story behind this breeder looked like, I just knew the character had an important relation with animals and beasts. Those familiar with the Fantastic Beasts films may think Brutus is inspired by Newt Scamander (somehow), but I’m afraid to disappoint.

He is inspired by one of my favorite ASMR artists, Goodnight Moon. Specifically, her character in her Babblebrook series, Maybell of the Menagerie. (If you listen carefully to the video below, you may recognize that one of the tracks is the same track I used for the show.)

I absolutely loved Maybell’s personality, and I instantly knew this was the kind of character I wanted for my story.

With Maybell as inspiration, I wanted a quirky character that had an emotional revelation which led to a quirky, yet epic resolution. So, I went looking for quirky music that worked with Brutus’ personality and inspirational/epic music that uplift the changes that come to his character.

As I started to think about Brutus more and more, I realized, like Maybell, he worked best as a petshop owner rather than a breeder, so the original title was scratched. I didn’t come up with the final title until I was completely done writing the story.

With Brutus ready for his adventure, and this being a character-driven story unlike my other ones, I realized this story needed a new beginning.

Usually, I start off my stories with exposition, because I think with the audio format, it’s a lot easier to imagine what’s going on when you’re told what’s actually going on. However, since this was more character driven, I thought showing Brutus’ personality with a small quest that fits in one song would be the perfect way to introduce the tale.

I was able to introduce Brutus in a visual manner, through action, which naturally (hopefully) got you invested in him to some extent. That way, you would be intrigued by the character and continue to listen to his story.

The question that stumped me though was how to write that small quest scene.

That is when I found artwork of an old man with a walking stick facing small goblins with a young boy hiding behind him. However, the goblins were offering them food. I obviously switched that up in my story, making the goblins the bad guys.

Then, for some reason, the classic “Jack Sparrow” tune came to mind. It was a perfect fit for what I was going for. The moment I found that tune and that artwork, I was so excited to write the rest of the story.

I wrote this story the fastest compared to the others I’ve written so far. I wrote it all in one day, resulting in a very sore hand.

Overall, I am very happy with how the story came out. I find Brutus to be a fun character to write, and I wish I had the time to learn more about Padgett and Pelsi the Goblin. Perhaps I’ll explore their tales another day.

Fairfarren, friend.

Fairfarren, Friends

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