I Haven’t Been Writing…


Even when I try to schedule exclusive writing time for my WIP, college still finds a way say, “No, no. No time for your passions this semester!”

I love my job as a radio news director, and despite how boring most of my classes are this semester, I like the fact that I get to work on my skills for my career as a journalist.

I just wish I could find the time to work on my creative writing.

And yes, I hear you. “What about the Fantasy Realm?” I love getting to write new stories each week and exercise my creativity through that show. Also, it’s totally doing its job in that it’s getting me to write creatively each week throughout the semester, and that’s great!

I just wish I didn’t have to compromise my WIP to do it.

Honestly, I think I’ve put myself in a hole. I’ve convinced myself that when it comes to college, my attention is solely on journalism. When I’m on break, I can get back to writing my fantasy novel.

What happens when I graduate though? When I start looking for a job at a radio station? Will I not find the time to work on my WIP then as well, because I’m in journalism mode?

I mean, this is why I went with my pen name. The journalist is a completely different person from the fantasy writer, so for me, it makes complete sense to have a pen name to distinguish the two.

Yet, it’s heartbreaking to me to see that I’m prioritizing journalism over the dream I’ve had since I was in middle school.

I think it’s because, although I hate to say it, society’s idea of getting a “real” job is dominating my thought process. Don’t get me wrong. According to society, journalism may not have been the best route, but it sure beats being an author.

It’s hard to prioritize a passion when it’s likely that passion won’t pay the bills or feed you, at least, not at first, if at all.

This upcoming week, I’m going to give myself a mental health day. The fact that I haven’t been working on my WIP has really brought me down, along with some other personal factors. So, I think a mental health day will help.

Then, I am going to try my very, very best to stick to my schedule and to work on my WIP during those four hours I’ve set aside for it. That time is literally called “A Date with my WIP” on my calender.

I’ve stood up my WIP three times. I’m the worst date. I have to fix this.

Wish me luck.

Fairfarren, friend.

Fairfarren, Friends

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