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A Fantasy Realm Tale: A Pirate’s Life – Behind the Scenes


When I decided to do this show, this is the story I desperately wanted to write first. However, it became the second story I wrote.

The reason being I had no idea how I wanted to go about writing these stories. I wanted to write a random story first to see what process would work best for me before I took on a story I knew I wanted to be good.

I am a massive fan of anything that has to do with the sea. That includes The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so of course, I had to write a story about pirates. I like to think of this story as a classic pirate’s tale with mystical wonders, swashbuckling fights, and rum all around.

Along with the movies, I absolutely adore all the soundtracks, and because of this, I tried so hard to have as much music from the films in the playlist that could fit for the story while complying with the radio station’s policies.

Speaking of the playlist, one of the songs on the playlist was not supposed to be there at all.

“Simulation” from the “Sully” soundtrack was a song that somehow made it onto the final playlist without me realizing my mistake until it was too late.

When I was looking for music for the story, I was thinking about including music from the film “Captain Phillips” which is a movie essentially about modern day pirates. I had never heard the film’s soundtrack, so I wanted to give it a listen and see if I liked any of it and if it worked for the story.

At the time, however, I could not remember the name of the film, so I searched up films with Tom Hanks and for some reason, my brain switched the titles and plots of “Captain Phillips” and “Sully.” Since I hadn’t heard the soundtrack for “Sully” either, I didn’t think twice about it.

When I found “Simulation”, it was exactly what I needed for the scene of the night before the mutiny. It had the perfect ambience and mood that I wanted.

I decided to look up the scene of “Simulation” just for fun, and that was when I realized, I had the wrong movie all along, but I didn’t want to change it! The song was perfect for my needs, and there’s water involved in this film, so I decided to just keep it.

Another small fun fact is when I wrote Cecilia’s character, I imagined her as a beautiful, dark-skinned woman from Colombia, the country of my family. I chose to make her from Cartagena, a famous city on the shoreline.

I didn’t realize until halfway through writing the story, I actually based the character somewhat after my best friend’s mother who is from Cartagena, Colombia and whose name is Cecilia. I call her Ceci, though, so I didn’t realize it until much later. I definitely smiled to myself at how my subconcious let some of my real life onto the page.

I hope you enjoyed this story. It’s definitely one of my top two favorites. My other top two favorite is coming up, but until then…



Fairfarren, friends.

Fairfarren, Friends

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