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A Fantasy Realm Tale: An Evening in Mayve – Behind the Scenes


The origin story behind this tale has many parts. I think I shall start with the most uninteresting part so that I may end with a most captivating ending.

Our tale begins back in December when I started writing these tales. I only managed to write a few stories before the semester began, but it definitely helped when my weeks got too busy to devote time to writing. One of these stories is “An Evening in Mayve”, and this story was written specifically for a time in the semester when stress is inevitable: midterms season.

As a college student, exams season means late night studying with hardly any time to do what you’d like because you’re too busy procrastinating doing something more appealing: nothing. In this case, nothing is a combination of mindless scrolling, netflix watching and a nap. Having been through these exams many times now, I knew that with all the stress, the last thing I’d want to do is have an intensive reading show.

So, I created this story where there is little reading on my part which leads me to the next part of the origin story.

Most of my tales have music with no lyrics. Lyrics can be very distracting when you’re reading over them, both for myself and the listener. If I do use a song with lyrics, I find a way to incorporate the lyrics into the story in some way or another.

However, there are many, many folkish or fantasy-like songs with lyrics that I love, but I simply can’t use them, because their lyrics don’t work for my stories. “An Evening in Mayve” allowed me to share some of my favorite folk songs, sea shanties and other fantasy-heavy music without having to find a way to string them all together into a cohesive story.

I also took the chance to sneak in some cute songs from a show called “Over the Garden Wall.” I like to imagine the performers of these songs as quirky characters who’ve had a bit too much to drink, but they’re just having a grand ol’ time you can’t help but smile.

Also, for those who may think these songs (“Ms Langtree’s Lament” and “Potatoes & Molasses”) sound like they’re for children, I’d very much encourage you to watch “Over the Garden Wall” and see the magnificence that is that show and its interpretation of Dante’s Inferno.

Ah, now we’ve reached our captivating end. I hope it lives to your expectation.

The question left to me, after finding all the songs for the playlist, was, “What is the story, then? What is the adventure the traveler will be going on?”

Sure, I could have left you, the traveler, in your seat the entire time, just enjoying the music. However, that is not the nature of this radio show, so I was very much against that idea.

Around this time, I was heavily invested in what I call my Work In Progress II (WIP II). It is a trilogy that follows a young woman going through the six kingdoms of Maanosa in search of a missing temple. It is also a story I’ve talked very little about to pretty much anyone, because it is still in its outlining phase.

However, at the time, I realized, this was an opportunity to explore my new world without having to worry about it being perfect.

That’s right. Traveler, you got a sneak peak into a trilogy that has yet to be published! In fact, you got a sneak peak into the future of this trilogy, after the third book ends.

Now, don’t worry about spoilers. It is very obvious from the first book that there is a war amongst the kingdoms (at least as of right now, it is). I promise you, this tale barely scratches the surface of what the trilogy has to hold.

Still, this tale allowed me to imagine one of the kingdoms in far greater detail, both in its appearance and in its culture. I got to explore a few other kingdoms as well such as the nymphs of Sirassi, and I knew nothing about them until I wrote this tale.

Writing this tale in December made me even more excited about my WIP II. However, right now, I’m studying for midterms, and I’ve no time to think about my trilogy. Still, after reading this out loud with the music, imagining my characters and the Mayve Midsummer Festival, I got the itch to write again.

It’s hard to find that passion to write when you spend so much energy on classwork and other work projects. I hope to hold onto this desire to write as best I can, for spring break is next week, and I will have plenty of time to work on my WIP II then.

If you were hoping for a more adventurous tale, do not fret. Those exciting tales will be coming back in full force for the rest of the semester. For this week, I just needed time to destress and recharge, and I know no better way to recharge my creativity than listening to other tales told by other artists.

Fairfarren, friend.

Fairfarren, Friends

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