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A Fantasy Realm Tale: The Planet of Millenia


*The following is a transcript of a WHUS Radio FM broadcast aired on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 1-2 PM along with the music used to accompany the story*


{Legends of Azeroth (Main Title) – Tracy Bush – World of Warcraft}

Good afternoon, traveler. You have stepped into a portal here on WHUS Storrs and are now in The Fantasy Realm. Welcome. I am your guide, The Sage. Today, our story takes us to the stars, away from Earth. For your enjoyment, I recommend creating a character to follow along. Have you ever wondered about the galaxies? Have you considered the possibilities of other beings unlike those on Earth? Have you ever an itch to want to travel out to space? You get the decide, and best think quick, traveler, your story is about to begin.

{Arrival to Earth – Steve Jablonsky – Transformers: The Score}

The year is 2107. Centuries ago, the great minds of science discovered a new sun which they called Summit, and just in time too, for the Earth was nearing its final hours.

Many planets orbit around Summit, the new sun, and when the time came, the humans left planet Earth.

The blue and green surface of Earth turned to a boring gray and the air turned toxic. Humans could live there no longer. In searching for a new home, among the planets around Summit, they chose one that resembled Earth with a blue and green surface.

Welcome to Millenia.

Like all things in outer space, the planet Millenia sits snug on the fabrics of the galaxy. Half of the planet is land and the other half is ocean, and at its equator sits a perfect line of beaches going around the whole globe. Here, the land is fairly flat with grass blades that sing while the ocean is silent.

On land live the Viridescent people. They care for the land and live inside large tree trunks and beneath the ground. The ocean is home to the Cerulean people. They care for the sea and live beneath waves and on magnificent ships.

The planet of Millenia seemed peaceful at first arrival for the humans, but the humans soon learned the peace was a facade. The Viridescent people and the Cerulean people have been at war for over 50 years, and they fight their battles on the planet and in the galaxy with spaceships in the form of trees and naval ships.

You, traveler, are among the few humans whose family survived the trip over from the dying Earth. An amulet has been passed down your family for generations. Today, you have accidentally broken the amulet, but inside, you find a note which tells you to return to Earth when she is healed in 2101, six years ago.

You look at the other humans who have made their lives on the beaches. They have suffered the worst of the crossfire from this war. The amulet calls for you to be their savior, to bring them home.

Will you take on the challenge?

{The Final Challenge – X-Ray Dog – Canis Rex, Vol. 1}

The planet rumbles as if great mechanical snakes are slithering beneath the ground. The waves start to rise in height, beckoning a challenge. You feel the anger of the Cerulean and the Viridescent people rising in the air like smoke. They are to battle again soon.

The humans start to scurry like mice into the cave where they all gather from their tent-like homes. They don’t scream anymore. It is now just a regular part of daily life.

Last time, the casualties were so great. You’re not sure if anyone will survive this time or the next. So, you’ve decided: it is time to go back home.

You gather all the humans in the cave and show them the note from the amulet. You notice their wounds. You notice their lost hope. They are all ready for the next battle in which the opponents will fight and the humans will automatically lose.

As the battle begins outside, the humans are quiet, their eyes all on you. The sand shakes with the rumbling ground and the mist of the ocean sprays the cave.

With a deep breath, you say, “We can either stay and fight for our home here on the beaches, or we can try our luck and go back home to Earth.” You were ready for the doubt, for the naysayers, for the shaking heads, for all the voices of those people who were sure the Earth was black, dead and gone. But for the hopeless, a small sliver of hope is all they need to try again, and so all the humans raise their hands and point to the sky in support of going home.

A silent gaze can reveal more than a ten-thousand page novel, and the collective gaze of the humans yearns for a new place. Human-kind had their origins on Earth, and if it is true that Mother Earth is healed, then the journey will not be to a new place as it was when the humans left for Millenia. The humans will be returning home.

{Final Command – X-Ray Dog – A Breed Apart}

The next day, hours after the end of the battle, you ask for volunteers to help you in acquiring a spaceship.

Four humans approach you. There’s Janet, a woman who spends more time studying the lost ships and weapons of the planet’s natives than sleeping. Janet will be the pilot. There’s Frederick, a man who can navigate the galaxy and its stars. There’s Alejandro who is the strongest amongst all the humans. And, there’s Harold who keeps records of all the battles, so as to prepare the humans for the next time.

You look at a map and find the closest Viridescent space station to your location. You are sure you will find a spacecraft suited for your needs there. As the rest of your team drafts up a plan, you tell the rest of the humans to begin gathering their things.

Determined, with a hint of hope, the humans now move about swifty with certainty, rather than frantically with fear. They are ready for this epic adventure.

{We Are People (Markus) – John Paesano – Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack}

Millenia rumbles softly once again. You and your team are hunched over the map of the Viridescent lands.

Harold warns you that if the Ceruleans are attacking soon, it will be at the very location you hope to acquire your space craft. It will be like running into a bloodbath.

You understand, but you tell Harold there is no time. There will always be a chance of battle wherever you go. It’s time for all humans to go back before the human race is lost to history.

As you are about to depart for the space station, all the humans sprint into the cave.

You rush to the mouth of the cave. You see the invisibility cloak of a Cerulean ship start to shed. The Ceruleans are attacking from the shore where the humans have made their stay.

Just before you realize what you’re seeing, a cannon blasts into the ground sending a violent and thunderous explosion to the cave. The humans wail as they hold onto one another. The strong cave does not collapse, but the humans brace for impact.

The sound of their cries overwhelms you. It’s as if the fear and hopelessness of the humans is an entity, and it is squeezing you tightly like a belt too tight for your waist. With a wobbly step, you try to help those nearest you, but something tells you to turn back. Trouble comes again.

Another cannon ball flies ferociously into the ground, and this time, the cave cannot handle it. It begins to collapse. As giant pockets of dirt fall from the cave’s ceiling, the humans hasten for the beaches. Children trip as mothers desperately try to hurry them out. Brothers and sisters push each other to move just a bit faster. Dirt and rocks fall like hail in the cave as the Ceruleans continue their plan of attack.

You hear the hooves of the Viridescent steads approaching the shore, but before you can think of where next to hide, you see the cave’s entrance starting to grow smaller with all the debris. You rush out just in time before the entrance is completely shut and the cave lost. You can still hear the desperate pleas of those inside the cave.

As other humans try to get them out, you look up see a Viridescent soldier looking down at you. He sniffs the air, then his face scrunches up as if you were a pest. The Viridescent army heads west, away from the humans, and the Cerulean ship follows.

You await the silence that naturally comes with shock. You await the sighs of exhaustion and gloomy relief. You await even the laugh of disbelief, one with no humor.

You do not await Harold’s shove that sends you to the ground. He spits at you, the fury making his lips tremble.

In a voice full of venom, he say, “Forget Earth. We have made our home here. We’ve hidden like scared children for far too long. They have killed our people for far too long. It’s time we protect our new home. It’s time we join this war and fight for ourselves.”

The ongoing blasts of battle echo in the air as you digest his words. Your gaze drifts to the humans. The cave has been destroyed. The pathetic tents they call homes can barely withstand a rainstorm. No ceremonies or celebrations are held in fear of another attack. Gravestones outnumber the living.

With a hard stare, you look back at Harold and tell him it’s best to return back to Earth. The humans would have no chance of any success in this war, and it is a war that does not pertain to the humans anyway.

He points a finger at you and with a loud voice announces to the humans that you are a betrayer to humankind. He calls for the people who wish to stay on Millenia to join him.

Soon enough, the humans split. Like the planet of Millenia, the human race is split in two with those who wish to stay and those who wish to go.

As the two groups go their separate ways, Alejandro at Harold’s side, you hear the bellow of rage from Harold who screams at you the word “traitor.” Chills run down your spine as you realize he has not only engaged war with the natives of Millenia.

He has now engaged war with you.

{Beyond – Lorne Balfe – Beyond: Two Souls (Original Video Game Soundtrack)}

Nightfall is sluggish. The day seemed to drag as if the sun fell in love with the doldrums, but the night did come. The moon rose, innocent to the bloodshed of the day. She shined her delicate moonlight down below.

You, Janet, and Frederick intend to continue with the plan. Janet warns you that Harold will probably attack the space station as well. Harold told her that according to his records, the Ceruleans are winning this war. She’s sure he will reach out to them to be their allies.

Frederick shrugs and says, “Then we move quick. We grab a spacecraft, pick up our people, and we go.” Frederick shows you the path he has laid out to the Viridescent space station.

Your heart starts to race a bit, and your hands get clammy, disgustingly warm. Your mouth is dry.

Courage is no stranger to trepidation. With a trick that helps you destress quickly, you manage to nod.

Frederick leads you and Janet with map in hand through the singing grass blades. The moonlight guides you all.

It is now, traveler, where the epic tale truly begins.

{Jake’s First Flight – James Horner – Avatar (Music from the Motion Picture)}

The melodic voices of the grass blades grow in volume as the night quiets down. These grass blades tickle your hips and thighs as you keep jogging along. The night sky is riddled with stars. The stars seem to twinkle in rhythm with the tunes of the plains. There is a soft hint of lavender in the air.

With the warmth of the night, it seems as if all of Millenia is a cradle for its inhabitants. With the singing of the grassy plains, you almost forget there is a war on this planet.

In the distance, great baobab trees twisted in the shapes of large brass instruments line the horizon. Though far off, you feel their voices in the grassy symphony.

Along with the silhouette of these trees, you notice the long leaps of galloping creatures. You all stop and stare as these creatures make their way to a spot nearby to where you stand. The creatures start to gallop in a circle, one creature after another following this same circular path. A curious sight.

You approach them slowly as to not frighten them. The creatures start to slow down. Crouching, you push a few grass blades out of your line of sight.

A vibrant blue glow blinds you. It is a pond, and the creatures gallop around it. So strange, you think, for this is the side of the grassy plains. It is completely unheard of to see any kind of body of water on this side of the planet, and yet, here it is.

You look in a little closer to see that the galloping creatures are actually synchronized with marine creatures who are also swimming in a circle.

It’s a dance of harmony.

For a moment, you wonder why in small numbers, the world is so beautiful, but once there are so many, the world becomes so complicated.

The dance of harmony ends; the creatures both in and out of the pond slow down. The galloping creatures lower their heads and drink generously from the pond. At the same time, their tails are hard at work, dropping twigs and small branches into the pond. These twigs are then carried by the marine creatures in their mouths over to a hidden spot where they build their nests for their eggs.

These Viridescent and Cerulean creatures are so very different, but they work together. The image is so mystifying, you almost miss the blue-skinned Cerulean on the other side of the pond crying at the sight.

The Cerulean is young but outfitted in war garments. You lock eyes. The Cerulean jumps up in fear and with frantic hands, reaches for a weapon.

You put your hands up. Nothing is said. The pond and its creatures seem undisturbed.

The Cerulean nods and lowers the weapon. Then, the Cerulean runs off. It’s very probable the Cerulean did not understand what it means when one puts their hands up, but the eyes always reveal what the soul feels.

{Aloy’s Theme (feat. Julie Elven) [Motherland] – Joris de Man – Horizon Zero Dawn (Original Soundtrack)}

You’ve made it to the space station. Abnormally tall green-skinned beings walk around. Tree-shaped silver space crafts are all over the area, but most are being actively worked on by the Viridescents. There is only one unoccupied space craft sitting the corner opposite you, Janet, and Frederick. It is big enough to fit all the humans comfortably.

Janet and Frederick look to you to lead them across all these Viridescents undetected. You ask Janet about the key to operate the massive spacecraft.

She tells you not to worry. There is a compartment just outside the entrance of this craft where the key is kept. She shakes her head, saying it’s quite a silly thing for them to do. Perhaps that is why the Ceruleans are winning, she says.

Frederick shrugs, saying the circumstances are convenient and that’s what matters. You look back to the spacecraft and see all the Viridescents in your way. How will you sneak your way across?

{Akkadian Empire – Audiomachine – Chronicles}

The Viridescents have spotted you! You just barely make it onto the ship. Your sweaty hands slip as you try to climb in, but Frederick catches you.

Janet grabbed the key, and she is warming up the ship now. Frederick throws you a weapon, but you see out of the corner of your eye the controls to a laser beam.

The space craft lifts from the ground. It shakes with all the ammunition being thrown at it by the Viridescents. Whichever weapon you choose, Frederick takes the other as Janet prepares for the proper take-off.

Will you make it out of the facility without harm?

{My Name is Lincoln – Steve Jablonsky – The Island OST}

Though your space craft is impaired with holes like those in trees housed by owls, you escape the facility in one piece.

A natural pilot, Janet manages to steer the spacecraft as if it were an eagle gliding through the air. You look out the window to your right and see machines as tall as skyscrapers battling it out on the grassy plains. One is a tree, the other a naval ship.

You look down to see if you can maybe find the pond from earlier, but it is so small, you can’t spot it. Unlike on foot, the trip back to the beach is quick, and you are thankful to see it without unwelcome visitors.

The people await you, hands overhead, showing you where to land. Janet lands with no trouble, and soon, you help all the humans, all your people, gather their things and board the spacecraft. Soon, humans will be returning to Earth.

All the humans are situated in a large chamber just beneath the main control room. The main control room is where you, Janet, and Frederick situate yourselves for the flight.

You check the beach one last time to ensure no one is left behind. Your gaze rests on the beach longer than you intend.

Guilt tugs are your chest just a bit. You wish you could talk to those who left with Harold in favor of staying on the planet. Perhaps if you could talk to them just one last time, you could convince them to go back home to Earth. But they are long gone now, and there is no time to waste.

You climb back into the space craft. The children sleep with their mothers. Some humans are wide awake, not necessarily looking at anything, deep in thought. Others are talking quietly amongst themselves. All are ready for lift off.

The course has been set for Earth. You take off, flying over the Cerulean oceans toward the galaxy.

You pass through the last layer of the atmosphere and are welcomed into the galaxy with a space battle that spans the size of Earth itself.

{Dark Side of Power – Immediate Music – Dark Side of Power}

Blue and green laser beams zoom through the fabrics of space. The Cerulean naval ships and the Viridescent tree-like ships are muddled in chaos. Some space crafts are gone, black like tar floating toward nothing. Those engaged in battle are humming like angry wasps. The beaches on Millenia truly seem like paradise compared to this war zone in space. The escape from the Viridescent facility now seems like child’s play.

How will you get through this mess, traveler? How will you make it home to Earth now?

{War – James Horner – Avatar (Music from the Motion Picture)}

“Do we engage?”

“No, we are simply passing through.”

“They won’t see it that way.”

“We can’t get involved if we want to make it.”

Janet and Frederick bicker as the scene before you unfolds. This battle is waging all around the planet of Millenia. The blue and green lasers zoom by so fast, they blur together. It’s like several scraps of blue-green cloth have been thrown into a river and are now being thrashed about by the current.

The intensity of the battle has seeped its way into your space craft; the muggy feeling of it makes your shiver. Despite all the chaos, you hear nothing. The silence of the galaxy has a tight grasp on the battle which makes it all the more daunting.

Your eyes are fixed on the scene and yet on nothing at all. Overwhelm has dislodged the focus in your brain. You simply stand there. There you would have stayed if it weren’t for Janet who shook your shoulder and brought you back to the present.

“So, what do we do?” She asks you.

Your gaze rests on the control panel for a moment. All the buttons, levers, and knobs seem to mock you with their smug gleam. None are labeled and those that are, are in a writing system you do not understand.

You think back to the invisibility mechanism used by the Cerulean ship on the shore.

You ask Janet if this space craft has a similar cloaking device. She immediately scans the control panel. You look up to the battle. Right now, you are a fly on the wall, unseen and undisturbed, but there is no other way back to Earth. Eventually, Janet will have to fly through, and eventually, this spacecraft will also be a target.

You rush downstairs and ask for volunteers to help, in case the ship does become a target. Frederick becomes the leader of these volunteers. They all look for their places in the room where the various weapons of the craft are controlled.

Janet calls you. She’s found the cloaking device and its controls. You nod and say, “We will not be involved in a fight that is not ours. We will get back to Earth.”

You tell Janet to proceed slowly. The spacecraft is now cloaked, and it begins to glide through the mess, unnoticed.

A green laser beam strikes the left side of the spacecraft. It shakes violently, all the humans are knocked to the floor, including yourself. You recover quickly and hurry to Janet’s side.

She is frantic and frustrated with the controls. She tells you the craft is no longer cloaked. All can see you now, in the middle of a vast battlefield. The space craft rocks around, being blasted from all sides.

Janet grabs the steering controls. She veers left and right, maneuvering through the battle. She is wading through the ships like water. Outside the window, it looks like an immersive video game, but it is the only route back to Earth, and there is no chance to try again after it’s game over.

Your knuckles are white, grasping onto Janet’s seat for balance. The volunteers are fighting back under Frederick’s command. The spacecraft is quick and slick as it moves, but it feels like you’ve gone nowhere. The battlefield seems to stretch to a whole other solar system. A blue hue is starting to overpower the green. The Cerulean ships are shadowing the Viridescent ships, but those tree-like space crafts refuse to stand down.

Sweat rolls down your neck and forehead as you watch Janet navigate the busy galaxy. Your chest is heavy as if the gravity of a large planet has not put all its force on you. Only now do you notice you weren’t breathing, so you force in a shaky breath.

Suddenly, alarms start to blare within the space craft. You’ve been targeted. Another ship has claimed you as their enemy. You check every corner of the window to see your opponent, but you can’t find it.

Janet tries to shake them off, but she can’t. She keeps a zig-zag pattern. Even Frederick has joined the search in finding whoever has targeted you.

Then, a video pops up on the screen of the control panel. It’s a live feed of none other than Harold.

He is red in the face, his nose is scrunched up, and he has drooling spit on his chin as he breathes heavily. He stares at you directly, and as he did on the beach, he roars at you the word, “Traitor!”

Then, a sickening smile forms on his lips. He says, “I’m glad to have caught you all before you left. I think I’ll end your misery now before you reach our dead planet and die miserable deaths there. And I’ll get to destroy those who betrayed my species while I’m at it.”

You try to say your piece, but he interrupts you.

“See, while you all were running an idiot’s errand,” he says, “We’ve been solidifying a truce with the Cerulean people. We bet all our money on them, and look at us now! We’ll soon be in charge of all of Millenia by their side. Now that’s a real home if you ask me. I’d ask for your people who now regret their dumb decision to join our fleet, but things are a bit hectic our here. I don’t think it would work out. But hey! I admire your efforts. They just weren’t good enough.”

Janet yells at Harold, commanding him to let the spacecraft through, but he shakes his head. “You’re all traitors to the human race. I want you to know that before I erase you from human history.”

He sends a blow to your ship. You are now spiraling uncontrollably. You run to the main system to see if you can fix the damage. Frederick tosses you a manual. The alarms are going crazy, children are crying, and sparks are flying everywhere.

Janet is trying to get control of the ship back, but it’s impossible. You fight back the nausea as best you can.

Can you fix the damage, traveler?

You’ve fixed the ship! Janet has full control again, but Harold is still tight on your tail. The space craft swerves around to face him. The two space crafts are going head to head amongst all the others in the battlefield.

He prepares another blow. You are about to lose your ship when you notice a small, lone spaceship hovering over Harold’s ship. Using the screen of the control panel, you set your sight on this small spaceship, which is in the shape of a naval ship. You zoom in and there, inside the ship, you see the Cerulean being that was crying across the pond.

As if the Cerulean knows you are watching, the Cerulean lifts a hand and waves. At first, you think it is a wave of hello, but you look at the Cerulean weeping eyes.

The eyes always reveal what the soul feels.

The Cerulean ship releases a small orb. Then, an explosion erupts destroying both Harold’s ship and the Cerulean’s ship.

The Cerulean being has given you just enough space and time to escape the chaotic fighting and to head home.

Janet engages maximum drive toward Earth. You bow your head to the Cerulean being who saved the humans, who unlike the habitants of Millenia, understood harmony amongst all those who are different living in the same space.

{The Journey / Kopano Part III – Hans Zimmer, Bruce Fowler & Hollywood Studio Symphony – Tears of the Sun OST}

You reach home. Just as the amulet promised, the Earth is healthy once more. Unlike Millenia, where there is a distinct split of blue and green, Earth has a beautiful blend of the blue ocean and the green land.

When you reach the ground, you see all the humans running, breathing the fresh air, bowing to smell the fresh earth, and you see the colors of people as well.

Like Earth with her natural blend of colors, there are all kinds of different people, with all different kinds of skin tones and voices and beliefs and genders and interests.

Yes, the world can be very complicated and messy, but there can be harmony amongst so many different people; but that is a tale for another day.

For now, you enjoy the new face of Earth, of her plains, of her oceans, of her creatures, and of her skies.

That is the end of our tale for today. Thank you for joining me, but it’s now time for you to step back through the portal to WHUS Storrs. I hope you join me next week for another adventure. Until then, fairfarren, traveler.


Fairfarren, Friends



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