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A Fantasy Realm Tale: Woods of Whimsy – Behind the Scenes


In my most humblest opinion, fairies are the most under-rated and under-appreciated mythical creatures, at least when it comes to the most well-known mythical creatures.

Vampires and werewolves had a long time in the spotlight. Then, the mermaid and unicorn craze came. Dragons are always a favorite, and even centaurs got their shining light in some pretty notable films like Harry Potter and Narnia.

Fairies got the spotlight with Peter Pan and then got some great films from Disney all about Tinker Bell and Pixie Hollow… and then that’s it. I hardly ever see fairies getting a shot in the lime light in books or video games or anything. Yet, they’re so fascinating!

Fairies are the most common, but what about pixies and sprites? I mean, there is just a full treasure trove of possibilities with these creatures to explore in writing. So, I figured I’d give my shot at writing a fairy story.

Now, looking into the mythology of fairies can bring up a world of information.

There are subtle differences between fairies, sprites, and pixies.

Then, there are different types of fairies, whether they’re water fairies, fire fairies, evil fairies, etc.

Then, you have the different components of a fairy. They have wings, but some have wands. Some are balls of light, while others have a full body.

It’s almost impossible to sort through it all and play by all those rules.

So, I decided to use my creative license and create my own world of flying little folk. So, the Woods of Whimsy was born.

When coming up with the differences between fairies, pixies, and sprites, I really just focused on the name.

For fairies, I decided to go with the Pixie Hollow version of them, in which they are responsible for changing the seasons. This just seemed right to me.

For sprites, they sounded far more serene to me. It is said fairies are forms of spirits, so when I hear sprite, I thought of them as calm beings that look almost like gentle ghosts floating around with a little bit of green in their wings. I liked the idea of them concealing sounds in jars and vials because of how calm they are, so filling the forest with sound seemed like a perfect fit.

Pixies are often associated with evil or fairies that like to cause some trouble. I didn’t want my pixies to be evil, but when I hear pixie, I defintiely think of an energetic fairy that likes to cause some trouble by accident. So, I thought they would fit perfectly in a factory where they’re creating a mess for the sake of making the forest move and function like a forest should. They’re my personal favorites.

I will admit a great part of the reason I wanted to write this story is because I absolutely love the song “Fairy Dance” by James Newton Howard. I can’t help but cry listening to it, because it brings back so many wonderful memories. So, I essentially wrote a whole story around it, and I couldn’t be more proud of the result.

I would also like to mention that I spent an unbelievable amount of time writing the poem that starts of the story. I wanted to see if I could still write iambic pentameter. I took me a while to see if I could remember all the rules, but eventually I got it, and I’m fairly happy with how the poem came out. Still, it’s very possible I messed up the iambic pentameter somewhere, but I gave it my best shot!

While writing this story, I wanted to echo the theme I touched on in The Planet of Millenia. I wanted to reinforce this idea that we should honor other people’s abilities and strengths, for that is how we grow as a community.

However, I also wanted to touch on the theme of the environment in a very subtle way. With all the talk of nature and Earthling Mother, I felt this story was an appropriate place for me to say my two cents on the environment.

In more ways than one, the Earth needs our help, but it’s difficult to help it when we are all divided on what needs our attention the most. Yes, one can debate over whether global warming is real or not, or whether we even have a chance at saving our planet from its effects.

However, one cannot debate over the filth, plastic, and garbage that is polluting our planet. It’s visible everywhere you go; you cannot ignore it. So, with this story, I suppose I wanted to say that with something so obvious, I hope people can unite under this one thing and work to make at least this one thing better.

The spirit guardians can only do so much. The little folk are bold, and they are brave, but they need our help.

I hope you enjoyed flying around the Woods of Whimsy with the little folk. I know they very much enjoyed your visit.

Fairfarren, friend.

Fairfarren, Friends

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