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A Fantasy Realm Tale: Woods of Whimsy


*The following is a transcript of a WHUS Radio FM broadcast aired on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 from 1-2 PM along with the music used to accompany the story*


{Legends of Azeroth (Main Title) – Tracy Bush – World of Warcraft}

Good afternoon, traveler. You have stepped into a portal here on WHUS Storrs and are now in The Fantasy Realm. Welcome. I am your guide, The Sage. Today, the Woods of Whimsy need your help, for the spirit guardian clans have forgotten their vow to Earthling Mother, and it is up to you to help them remember. For your enjoyment, I recommend creating a character to follow along. However, for this story, I will be guiding you with the creation of your character, so until then, think of which you prefer the most: the seasons, the sounds of a forest, or the act of tinkering with tools to create something new. You get to decide, and best think quick, traveler, your story is about to begin.

{Mercy in Darkness – Two Steps From Hell – Archangel} 

In woods so eager for some starry skies,

By trees so shy to speak a single word,

A humming tune so soft arises there

By flowers set for spring and sun and love

For woodsy things that lift the wings of sprites,

Of pixies, fairies, flying little fools.

The woods, the one with sacred, ancient troth,

Of them protecting branches, critters, She

Of name of Earthling Mother. Tis the time

Of olden feud to end, for war, it comes.

{Cry of the Celts – Ronan Hardiman – Michael Flately’s Lord of the Dance}

In the first forest of our world, there slept upon a bed of lilies, our Earthling Mother. She is the creator of our natural world. Every tree, with every branch, with every twig was created in the eye of Earthling Mother, far before even the worms took refuge underneath the ground from the giants. When awake, the sun arose, and she fumbled with new ideas and brought new creations onto our earth, and when asleep, the moon took the sun’s place and those creations found their purpose, name and desire thanks to her dreams.

However, one can only do so much before one grows too tired and too old to continue their work. Still, this did not sadden Earthling Mother when she found she could no longer lift her head from the bed of lilies the way she used to. Instead, she took a long slumber, this being in today’s age our winter solstice. That day, she dreamed of guardians for her world to protect her creations.

With the moonlight casting its magic on her as she slept, the little folk were born. Fairies, sprites, and pixies: these are the spirit guardians created by our Earthling Mother. They are bound by sacred vow to the Woods of Whimsy where they protect and preserve the Earth.

The little folk fly with wings across the lands to carry out their duties, but as the centuries went by, and Earthling Mother’s voice became harder to hear, the little folk seemed to have lost their way, and so began the feud of the little folk.

Each clan took to their separate ways and focused on what they believed most important, such as the changing of the seasons, the sounds of the land, and the flurry fuss of life. Though each concentration kept the earth alive, they neglected Earthling Mother and her bed of lillies. So much so, that they never noticed the loathsome, dirty gnomes come to muck it all up.

Grotty gnomes are the spirits Earthling Mother never intended to create. They’re smelly mucousy green globs of swamp water, dead sticks, and fleas. They are the spirits of self doubt, imposter syndrome, and inner critics. They scurry and scuttle around the Woods of Whimsy causing all kinds of mischievous trouble and troublesome mischief.  They’re quick little beasties, the same way you look at your perfectly clean shirt one second, and the next, there is a great stain right there ready to ruin your day. Their snickers are worthy of a proper eye roll, and their feet sound like sticky lollipops slapping your fingertips.

With all the nonsensical rumpus they cause, they weaken Earthling Mother, and the little folk see none of it, for they are too busy trying to show up one another. The little folk clans are focusing on such minute details, that they are forgetting about their vow of protecting the Earth.

They do not see the storms getting worse, the winters shifting, the woods weakening. The grotty gnomes notice it all, and they are getting more and more jittery and skittery, causing more and more trouble and hassles. The gnomes have never harmed the little folk. They’ve only ever ruined little folk creations and work, unbeknownst to the little folk clans. However, the negative energy of the grotty gnomes are weighing more with the angst, and soon, it will not be enough to stop spring from coming for a few weeks. Soon, the grotty gnomes will have to satisfy their urge to cause vexation elsewhere, and it is very possible the spirit guardians will not notice before it is too late.

You are a little folk, traveler, with a keen sense for the abnormal. You sense the energy of the gnomes growing, and you fear a war is brewing between the trees of the Woods of Whimsy. It is up to you to awaken these dazed spirit guardians and to remind them of their vow.

However, before you take on such a task, you must choose the clan you wish to hail from, and to do that, traveler, it is best for us to take a tour through the villages of the three clans. All the clans reside in the whimsical woods which has knotty alder trees, pillow-like green moss, and dandelion seeds. We will begin in the east of the woods, where the fairies rise with the rising sun.

{A Very Respectable Hobbit – Howard Shore – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey OST}

The fairies of the east are proud spirit guardians for they believe themselves to be the most hard working and responsible guardians amongst all the little folk.

When you see the greens of the leaves turn to rustic reds, the fairies are hard at work turning summer to autumn. When you feel the bark on trees turn tough, bracing for snowfall and harsh winds, the fairies are transforming autumn to winter. When you see the baby seedlings bring color back to the gray skies, the fairies are rebuilding springtime, and when the green of the leaves is vibrant and brazen, the fairies fashion springtime to summer once again.

These little fairies embrace the natural world in all its splendor from the bark with which they build their tools to the foliage with which they dress themselves.

They live inside trees hollowed out by their own hands. If one were to climb a tree high enough, one would see the window panes of their homes. Their villages smell of acorns in autumn, of chrysanthemums in spring, of meadows in summer and of pine in winter.

They can be a bit smug, those fairies, for they are sure they do the most work. How else could the seasons change if it weren’t for their efforts?

Queen Marigold rules the fairy clan, and she is particularly arrogant when comparing her clan to that of the sprites in the south.

{Whistle Waltz – Anthony Graham – Irish Music Day, Vol. 5}

The sprites are the most spiritual of all the little folk. These winged creatures are all often clothed in white, and their wings, unlike the colorful ones of the fairies, are clear save for its green edges.

They live in a small village fashioned with whatever they can find on the forest floor. There are tall houses with pine cone roofs, small burrows made of stacked rocks, bridges built with twigs over rainwater lakes, and fences made of tall grass blades.

These spirit guardians dedicate themselves to the art of noise, din, and sound, for nature is anything but silent. The subtle clinks of rushing water, the baritone notes of the heavy winds, the song of every bird, and even a squirrel munching on a snack: it is all created by the delicate hands of sprites. They work tirelessly in their apothecaries, creating jars, vials, and bottles of sounds that are then transported across the Earth with their magic.

It is often asked if a tree falls in a forest with no one around to hear it, did it, in fact, make a sound? You may hear the answer is no for nobody is around to hear the sound, therefore it makes no sound. If you ask a sprite however, the answer is an almighty yes, for there is a sprite somewhere who worked very hard on that sound.

Sprites are humble, introverted and believers of fate. They believe the world will carry on doing its worldly things so long as they keep at what they know best. They try to not compare themselves to the other guardians, but rather, they keep to themselves. They have far more important matters to attend to than to entertain the goings-on of another clan.

King Chime rules over the clan of the sprites. He carries with him always a bell which he uses to announce the time for sleeping and the time for waking. The bell is quite small, so to human ears it sounds like nothing at all, but to little folk ears, it is the sound of harmonizing clouds on a springtime evening.

Though King Chime is very much a sprite, he will happily tell you that of all the guardians, those pesky pixies of the west are very much the worst, for they can create a din so foul, not even a sprite can muster to bottle it up.

{The Knight Bus – John Williams – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban OST}

Ever wonder how it is a stream flows, or how the leaves fall when it is time for them to fall: it is all thanks to the handiwork of the pixies. Those pesky pucks promise a proper pulley for any apparatus, but they won’t promise to clean up the mess afterward. Behind every natural thing there is a gizmo built by those tinkering little folk. Pixies love to get their hands dirty, and their aprons dirtier.

Entering a pixie factory is the most whirl whirring experience one can have. The wooden machines creak and moan like angry grandfathers. The floor is a mess of carved bolts and screws, splattered berry juice and wood shavings. Buckets swing left to right as they’re pushed and pulled by stringed pulleys from one end of the factory to the other.

The pixies are obnoxiously loud, asking for a whatsit here and a doodad there. All logical sense is thrown out the window. The blueprints are made with no sense of direction, the tools are all used without proper protection and the emergency button is covered in webs simply because one could constitute every second spent in that factory an emergency.

And yet, once a contraption is all set and done, it is the most marvelous thing that works like a charm. They’re a messy bunch, but the pixies understand a good tinker’s work better than any other spirit guardian out there.

Pixies do not have wings like the other guardians, for they spend most of their time on the ground, but they can still fly for short periods of time.

They dress rather comfortably, with baggy overalls, striped t-shirts, and a pointed, knitted cap that’s usually either red or blue.

They’re fidgety, spontaneous, and happy to take on any challenge. Give a pixie a riddle, a blueprint or a puzzle, and the pixie will happily stay up till sunrise until it’s done.

King Kit rules the pixies, and he is a fellow who will find an insult quite funny and move on to the next funny thing.

It is terribly difficult to bring a pixie’s mood down. Their thoughts move far too fast for them to notice a lie, a suspicion or an insult. One may think a pixie gullible, but actually, pixies are quite aware of the fact that they are gullible. In their minds, what does it matter if it isn’t real if they’re having a grand ol’ time imagining it anyway?

They care not for the feud between the spirit guardians in the Woods of Whimsy, however, they will care very deeply when there are no woods left for them to create new contraptions. They know best the trouble caused by the grotty gnomes, for it is often their work that is fumbled with the most. Still, they think of nothing more than to just repair it and move on. Same with all the other spirit guardians.  

When work is done after the moon has passed its highest peak, the pixies stroll to their homes underneath the ground. They wake up earlier than the fairies, and they drink a great deal of morning dew which has as much caffeine for a fairy as coffee does for humans, and off to work they go, happy as a pixie can be, peckish for another project to perfect.

{Flying – James Newton Howard – Peter Pan OST}

There you have it, traveler. We’ve traveled through the Woods of Whimsy. We took a glimpse at a fairy’s life in the east, working to prepare the earth’s changing of the seasons. We sauntered by the sprites in the south as they created their potions of natural sound. We peered into the busy factory of the pixies who work tirelessly in the west, making gizmos for the woods. So tell me, which clan do you hail from?

Very well! You are now a spirit guardian, traveler. How about trying out those flying skills you have? Shall we fly over to the north of the Woods of Whimsy? I’ll race you! See if you can fly through the woods without hitting a single tree, traveler.

To get to where we’re going, we have to pass through the Hidden Veil. One can only pass through with eyes shut tight and the belief in magic held firmly in your heart. Quickly now, traveler, before we miss the window.

We’ve made it. Before you is a circular field of purple lilies. As you land on a flower petal, you notice the subtle rise and fall of the earth.

Welcome, sweet spirit guardian, to the bed of lilies where we can hear the subtle breathing of our Earthling Mother. This is the home of the creator of our home, the earth. You can smell the purest colors of nature and see the sweetest smells of earth. If you listen closely, you may even get to hear Earthling Mother’s voice.

{You Win or You Die – Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones (Music from the HBO Series)}

A putrid smell of rotting mud and goblin snot overwhelms you. You look up and see a group of grotty gnomes tip-toeing through the lily field. They’re snorting like arrogant pigs as they shuffle through the field.

You hide behind a lily, for a single spirit guardian is no match for a gnome, let alone four of them.

They start stomping the ground, sending a dreadful shutter through the land. They kick at the lily stems, uprooting them and leaving them for dead. They eat the petals like popcorn and spit them out when they’ve had enough. One even relieves himself amongst the petals, the smell getting even more overwhelming for you.

A gnome comes running in from the wood, wiping away his boogers from his nose with the back of his hand.

“Oi boss! We’ve found it, that veil thing you told us about. It’s not far from here. It’ll take us straight to those little folk.”

The largest of the gnomes nods his head as he spits out a toenail he bit off. “Right. We’ll strike in the morning then. Get it over with. It’s about time the Woods of Whimsy’s ours. Stupid name. First thing we do is change it. Something real gnomish. Something like, Bizzwaddle! Yeah, the Forest of Bizzwaddle. That’s a name.”

Your heart begins to hurt with the news. As soon as their backs are turned, you fly back to the Hidden Veil and head straight to the pixie factory, in hopes of stopping this madness before it happens.

If you can convince the pixies, those busy guardians, that the threat is real, then you should have no problem convincing the others. Or so you hope.

{David’s Jig – Natalie MacMaster – Yours Truly}

It is well past the evening by the time you get to the pixie clan in the west. The lanterns of the factory are all dim, a few stragglers still inside finishing up final projects. Most of the pixies are now in the tavern, enjoying some sweet spirits with a live band for good company.

The tavern has the same ambience as the factory, though a big more sluggish thanks to the spirits served in hollowed acorns. On each table, there are a few sunflower seeds and dice for games. Every pixie is laughing loudly amongst their table. You see some competing in tabletop puzzles, others arguing over the best tool to use for carving, and some are simply nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the music.

At the far end of the tavern, you see King Kit with his group of friends. He is laughing heartily as a waiter fills up his cup with more spirits.

You walk over to King Kit and tell him you have an urgent message for him. He shakes his head and says you should just sit and listen to the music. You insist this is an emergency, and it cannot wait.

Though still giggly, you have the king’s attention. You tell the king about the gnomes and their plan to destroy the spirit guardians of the Woods of Whimsy tomorrow. You advise him to make a decision quickly, for morning will come quickly, and so will the gnomes.

He roars with laughter and wipes some fake tears from his eyes. He tells you that that’s all hogwash and nothing to worry about. He says the gnomes are harmless; they always have been.

You try to convince him again as he takes a generous swig from his cup. He ignores you, stands and pulls you into a dance.

As you hop around to the music, you vigorously think about how you will convince him.

Think, traveler. What is it that the pixies value most?

You remind King Kit of the pixie factory just outside the tavern. If this threat is real, then that means the factory with all the projects the pixies have been working on will be destroyed tomorrow. The gnomes are ruthless. It’ll all be irreparable and irreplaceable. You ask him if this is something he would be willing to risk.

A serious gaze takes over King Kit as he sits down on an empty chair. He looks at all his pixies having fun with their spirits and their dancing. He then looks down at his feet.

Despite the loud music, you manage to hear him say that he would be an unworthy king of the pixie clan if he ignored such a threat. There are some projects in the factory that have been in progress for years. The pixie clan would die of devastation if it were all destroyed in a matter of minutes. The pixie clan would also die of shame if they left it all for dead without trying to defend it.

He stands and gives you his word that he is willing to stand and fight against the gnomes, but only if the other guardians agree. There is no chance a single clan can defeat the gnomes. The clans must unite for there to be any hope. He tells you to ask King Chime of the sprites to create a jar with the sound of the drums of war. When he hears it, the pixie clan will come.

You take his word and fly off to the south to visit the clan of the sprites.

{Remember Not to Forget – Audiomachine – Life}

The lanterns that light the darkness in the village of sprites are rumored to be filled with dreams the sprites have as they sleep. You are not sure if this is true, but as you fly toward it, you cannot think of another way to describe the ambience the lanterns give off than that of a lullaby. It is late, and the sprites are very adamant about going to sleep when it is time for bed, but this is an emergency that cannot wait.

You decide to sneak into an apothecary which has an unlocked door. All kinds of glassware filled with potent, glowing colors fill the walls from corner to corner. The place smells a bit like blueberries, and it feels like a fireplace that keeps a house warm during the wintertime. You can hear the bubbling of some pots and pans left simmering overnight as well as the ticking of some alarm clocks left counting the minutes of nighttime.

There are easily over a thousand jars and bottles to look through, but thankfully, sprites are quite organized, so there are labels to help you navigate your way through the shelves. Some of the labels read “Creatures and Critters”, “Thuds and Rumbles”, “Water and Rain”, and “Shuffling and Scurrying.” Can you find a sound that will peacefully awaken the sprites, traveler?

You successfully awaken some of the sprites around the apothecary, including King Chime who is rubbing his eye as he holds his bell between his arm and side.

He asks what is the meaning of this late awakening. You relay the information to him and you include King Kit’s word about joining the fight once the drums of war are heard.

King Chime shakes his head and tells you the pixies are fools who love to play tricks on the other guardians. They are not to be taken seriously. He is ready to retreat back to his bed when you stop him. How will you convince King Chime? What will convince a sprite to join forces with the other guardians?

You remind King Chime that if a gnome comes trudging through the apothecaries of the sprites, the din that will come about from the chaos will be far worse than anything the pixies can conjure up. It will be a din so dreadful, the world will be disturbed, and it will not be able to carry on with its worldly things.

He takes a moment to hear your argument. He looks around at all the apothecaries around him, each with thousands of vials with thousands of different sounds and noises.

He slowly nods and agrees to join this fight against the gnomes, but only if the fairies will join. Though King Chime hates to admit it, King Kit is correct. They will need the support of Queen Marigold if they are to win this battle.

You remind him of the drums of war. He says, yes, of course, and walks over to the apothecary. You follow him and observe as he creates the sound using natural ingredients and magical properties, all while the other sprites sing as they help him.

{Double Trouble – John Williams – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban OST}

{Fairy Dance – James Newton Howard – Peter Pan OST}

King Chime gives you a large wine bottle filled with the sound of the drums of war and tells you that once Queen Marigold agrees, all you must do is remove the stopper to release the sound when the time is right.

You thank him and fly over to the east to the fairies in the treetops. You hear soft chimes playing a gentle tune, and as you approach the village, you notice the fairies are also having a night of festivities of their own.

In a golden dress of flower petals, Queen Marigold dances gracefully with her king dressed in rustic red leaves. For a moment, you forget the troubles that are afoot, and instead, with the rest of the fairies, you watch as the pair dance, locked in a moment of blissful unity.

The blue of the night sky outside turns dark, and the air becomes hauntingly chilly. The bottle of the war drums weighs deeply in your hands. You hate to interrupt the moment, and as you look back, the serene scene pulls you in again.

At last, you muster up the courage to call out to Queen Marigold, announcing an urgent message that must be shared that instant. She looks taken aback, but she grants you permission to speak.

You announce the news of the gnome attack that will happen tomorrow. You also announce that both King Kit and King Chime are ready to fight and defend their homes so long as the fairies join their forces. You mention the bottle that will send the pixie and sprite clans running to your location when the time is right.

For a moment, she says nothing. All the fairies hold their breath as they await her response.

Then, she gives you a smile. She tells you that she admires your efforts to unite the clans in what may seem to be a time of need, but the spirit guardians have been separated into clans for a reason. There is no need for a unification of any sort. If what you say is true, she says, then the fairies will be ready to defend what is theirs.

You protest. You remind her that the fairies may change the seasons, but the pixies and the sprites add the ambience that the fairies do not. All the guardians are needed for the Woods of Whimsy and for the earth to flourish.

She turns her back to you hearing none of it.

You try a different approach. Knowing how proud the fairies are, you tell her the fairies will be the ones leading the fight, for fairies are the only competent ones to do so. Afterall, the pixies are reckless and the sprites are too shy to try what must be done to defeat the grotty gnomes. The guardians need the fairies, or the woods may be lost forever.

“Enough!” She barks at you. “The fairy clan will defend our territory, as we have for centuries. We do not need anyone’s help. Not now. Not ever.”

She dismisses you, and you are left alone, hopeless.

Before you can even register what just happened, the sun’s rays begin to peek over the horizon. The birds begin to chirp ever so softly, and before you take another breath, you hear the snorting noses and stomping feet of the gnomes coming your way.

You are only one spirit guardian; there is nothing you can do. Before they reach the fairy village, you hear the dreadful din of gnomes destroying the apothecaries in the south.

{Dumbledore’s Farewell – Nicholas Hooper – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince OST}

The gnomes came and went the way rain showers go unnoticed in the night. They left behind a tragic scene of three spirit guardian clans heartbroken at the loss of their homes.

The pixies wail over their broken treasures and tools. The sprites simply stare at all the shards of glass, the ringing of the dreadful din still stuck in their ears. The fairies… they are distraught.

Queen Marigold tried to defend her home, but she was no match for these beasts. So, with streaks of tears down her cheeks, she sits amongst her fairies as they stare at their trees that were so terribly destroyed.

A heavy burden is no match for grief over a lost home. The world feels empty of magic and of life. Even with the agonizing silence, you cannot hear the subtle breathing of Earthling Mother.

There is nothing that can cure this scar, so in a slow trajectory toward the Hidden Veil, you make your way back to the bed of lilies in hopes for a sign from fate.

{Now or Never – Audiomachine  – Life}

As you sit amongst the lilies, you hear the fluttering of wings approach you. You look up to see the fairies fly toward you. On the other side, the sprites fly in your direction. Then come the pixies, also flying to you.

Each guardian is quiet for a moment, sitting amongst the flowers.

Then, Queen Marigold stands and speaks. “When Earthling Mother grew to olden years, she created us to keep her creations safe. We are her guardians, the guardians of the Woods of Whimsy, the guardians of the earth. When we took our ancient vow, we were one. A single clan of great beings honored by Earthling Mother to take on the greatest duty.

“I believe it would be the sprites that would say fate saw us grow apart, for I cannot recall the reason why we did. I only recall now this feud that feels embedded in my wings, and I cannot shake it off… But our homes have been destroyed by an enemy that grows stronger the more we grow apart. Soon, it will not be us they seek to hurt. Soon, it will be Earthling Mother who is in danger… I will not let my reign see the day we betray our vow to Earthling Mother.

“It is time this feud comes to an end, for war is coming, and no one clan can defeat the enemy alone… We are not just spirit guardians linked by sacred vow. We are the little folk of the Woods of Whimsy. We are strongest together. Follow not me, but your hearts and the voices that tell you to protect what is ours. These gnomes know not who they are dealing with. We may be little, but we are bold, and we are brave. My fellow guardians, our Earthling Mother needs us. It is now or never.”

An applause erupts amongst the little folk.  

{Gathering all the Na’vi Clans for Battle – James Horner – Avatar (Music from the Motion Picture}

To tie the severed bond of the clans, the three clan leaders decide to create and gather around a fairy ring. Each guardian sat on top of their mushroom, all linked by holding hands.

You join your clan in the circle and shut your eyes. The guardians all repeat the sacred vow of the ancient tongue of Earthling Mother. With each word, you can feel Earthling Mother’s breath grow stronger and stronger beneath the ground.

She is gaining strength. A strength she has not felt for centuries.

Twilight settles into the sky as the clans set up tents and campfires at the bed of lilies. Unsure of when the gnomes will attack next, the little folk move quickly.

The kings and queen met in a private meeting to discuss the best route of action. Waiting for them to come out of their tent was stressful, but as soon as they do, all the guardians are at the ready, awaiting orders.

King Kit separates his pixies into three groups. One group is sent off as scouts to spy on the gnomes and to see if they’re headed their way. They are given a warning whistle created by a sprite to alert if the gnomes are coming. The next group is in charge of creating artillery: wooden catapults that can carry the heaviest rocks they can find, giant crossbows armed with carved pikes, and even hidden traps the gnomes can’t see between the flowers. The last group is charged with creating armor, weapons and shields for all the guardians. The pixies, ready for any challenge, take off the instant they hear their task.

The sprites are creating all the noises they can inside leaf bags that can be thrown at the gnomes. These noises are unusual or irritating, creating the perfect distraction for the incoming gnomes. The sprites, using rudimentary tools considering their apothecaries have been destroyed, are diligent in their work. They create fart noises, quacking ducks, hiccuping chipmunks, rusty pipes, annoying laughter, all stored neatly in their leaf bags.

The fairies, doing what they do best, create traps to help keep the gnomes at bay. They create icy patches of dirt on which they can slip, thick puddles of mud where they can get stuck, and hot heat waves in certain areas to make them stop. The fairies also line their archers at the top of the trees, ready with nocked arrows. Those in flight carry noise leaf bags, pebbles, or pointy sticks to drop on the gnomes.

As twilight turns to dusk, the field is covered in traps and in guardians armed and prepared for battle.

Queen Marigold in lily of the valley armor carries her sword created by King Kit himself. King Kit sports two axes made by his pixies, and King Chime wears braided leaf armor over his white tunic.

You look across the field and see not three clans, but one massive clan answering to the call of war. There is a natural rise and fall to the land. Earthling Mother is still in slumber, but her breath is the strongest it’s been in centuries. She can feel the power of her guardians over her.

Traveler, you are not in position yet. Where will you be when the gnomes reach the battlefield?

Will you be on the ground fighting with the others? Will you be an archer, getting a bird eye’s view from above?

Before you get to decide, you hear the warning whistle from far away. Alerted, the guardians take their place and soon, a silence of anticipation takes over.

As you await, you decide this is the time to release the noise of the drums of war, and so you do, and you instill great courage and valor into the spirit guardians.

{Nighthawk – Two Steps From Hell – Dragon}

When the gnomes come to the field of lilies, all is perfectly still. They stomp and kick and chomp on petals as they did before. They thought of nothing other than to destroy every last flower on the field, and they began to do just that. They harmed Earthling Mother as they spat at the ground with their mucus and filled the space with their stench. They even dared laugh at how easy it all was to claim the Woods of Whimsy for themselves until an avalanche of fairy-sized arrows came raining down on them.

With the command of King Kit, the pixies launch their catapults and crossbows as arrows kept raining down from above. The gnomes lift their hands to avoid the weapons when they hear the battle cry of spirit guardians charging at them on the ground and through the skies.

Noise leaf bags fall on the gnomes which make them crawl into a fetal position covering their ears. Pixies and fairies went straight to work tying them up. Using the noise leaf bags, sprites lead the gnomes to the laid out traps, and they fall into the traps in an instant.

The kings and queen charge at the gnomes and fight alongside the little folk. The battle is brutal as the gnomes start to catch onto their tricks. The gnomes swat at the flying little folk and spit at them as their weapons, for they had nothing else on them to defend themselves. The gnomes step on a few pixies running on the ground and even some sprites, crushing a few wings.

Though there are many gnomes that are down, there are still a few that are quick on their feet and tricky to fight against. The fairies try their best to manipulate the weather in their favor as the pixies continue to use their catapults and crossbows, but it all almost seems a bit hopeless. Even with a full clan of spirit guardians, the gnomes cannot be beat.

Then, you feel the earth rumble in the way one moans when first waking up. You look to the far end of the field and see an army of woodland creatures rushing to join the fight.

Earthling Mother is awake, and she is here to help.

Owls dive into gnomish heads as deer stomp on their toes. Squirrels and chipmunks become the mounts for pixies as they charge into battle. Birds help carry the injured back to the safe zone.

Confidence, determination and unity triumphs over self-doubt and inner critics as the tides of the war turn in favor of the little folk.

The gnomes are beginning to retreat, but the fairies are quick in stopping them and tying them up with the rest of the captured. The battlefield is drenched in the sounds of sprite magic. The power of the guardians overwhelms the gnomes whose stuffy noses have gotten worse because of their crying.

It seems the battle is won, but the guardians are not quick to celebrate.

The largest of the gnomes still stands, and he refuses to bend the knee to flying fleabags.

He is about to stomp Queen Marigold who faces the other way when you manage to fly under his foot and stop it. Your arms shake holding his foot up, but fairies quickly rush to help you as pixies and sprites stab his other foot with a pike and send him to the ground.

The battle is done, and the war is won.

{This is Neverland – Jan A.P. Kaczmarek – Finding Neverland OST}

Earthling Mother is safe, and the vow is unbroken. An ancient feud has been mended, and yet despite the victory, the memory of the destroyed homes comes creeping back into the memories of the guardians.

“Worry not, my guardians.”

You turn around to see Earthling Mother sitting upright, a crown of lilies sitting on her head.

“You were so brave both in defeating those beasts but in realizing that strength comes not in numbers but in accepting the differences and strengths of others. All my creations are different. That is the magic of my world. Life is best lived exploring the unfamiliar for being constantly surrounded by the same will bring nothing but mischievous trouble and troublesome mischief. With that said, communities are comforting. I believe I have a solution to all the problems that still sit on our minds.”

She lifts both her hands and recites a spell in her ancient tongue. Her eyes turn white as the spell takes the form of magical sparks at her fingertips. When she closes her eyes, a loud thump comes from behind the Hidden Veil.

Once she’s done, she looks down at her creations. “Thank you, my guardians. Thank you.”

You all pass through the Hidden Veil and see a magnificent city in the center of the Woods of Whimsy.

The city is made with reinforced wood with carvings of ancient fairy runes. Bridges connect the tall towers and tiny topiaries decorate the entrances of small shops. All the houses around the city are different. Some are made of acorns with green doors, some of walnuts with blue doors, and some of toadstools with yellow doors. There are swings and wells, benches and lamp-posts, some fountains and some fairy rings.

The sprites begin to silently cry as they see their new apothecaries, complete with new glassware, fresh stock of ingredients and even an alchemy table or two they did not have before.

The pixies jump with joy at their new factory that’s now three times the size of their old one. However, the inside of the factory is empty, just waiting for whatever new gizmos the pixies will create.

The fairies have their homes in the tall towers, all connected by clouds on which they can walk. They also have new studios in which they can try new things for when it is time to change seasons, such as a new snowflake design or a new color green they can add to the color scheme of summer and springtime.

King Kit, Queen Marigold, and King Chime are now collectively the Spirit Guardian Council. They renounced their titles in the name of unity and peace among the little folk.

Though there is much left that needs to be done to help our earth, the first step is in unifying under a simple promise that an effort will be made to do what can be done to help Earthling Mother.

The Woods of Whimsy now has magic amongst its trees again, now that hope of a bright future for our earth is on the horizon.

{To The Fairies They Draw Near, Pt. II – Loreena McKennitt – Tinker Bell-Songs from and Inpsired By Disney Fairies}

That is the end of our tale for today. Thank you for joining me, but it’s now time for you to step back through the portal to WHUS Storrs. I hope you join me next week for another adventure. Until then, fairfarren, traveler.


Fairfarren, Friends

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