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Voice Descriptors for your Characters

When writing, I often find myself using the same basic descriptive words when talking about someone’s voice. I’ll often say it’s high-pitched or it’s husky or it’s soft-spoken, but that’s as far as my list goes.

It can really help your writing when you have a variety of descriptive words to use, particularly when it comes to the voice.

I found this wonderful resource from MacMillian a few years ago, and I always go back to it when I’m struggling while writing about someone’s voice. I think about how I hear the voice in my head, and then using this thesaurus, I am able to find the perfect word to describe it.

Next time you’re trying to describe a character’s voice, take a quick look at this link for some inspiration.

Words used to describe someone’s voice

3 thoughts on “Voice Descriptors for your Characters”

  1. I have a character that’s a little weird. His nickname is Zorro, and he’s based on a real person. I always knew the guy had a head full of Cats, but looking back, I think he might have had a bit of a split personality on top of everything else, One minute he’s glib and articulate like a college prof. The next he’s talks talking like a street hood with lots of slang, and Spanglish tossed in. It was sometimes a little bizarre dealing with him because you never knew who you were going to get.

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    1. That’s so interesting! I bet that adds a lot to his personality though. However, it must be tricky to get that balance right between personality and just completely different voices for one character. I tend to have characters with similar voices, so I’ve been challenging myself to really have distinct voices for my characters.


      1. Something that helps me is people from my church. We have everything from college profs to people I’m not so sure if they’re here legally or not. I talk to everyone, and listen to how they speak and then try to apply that my character. I also watch how they act, and little mannerism. Some of that is cultural.


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