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A Fantasy Realm Tale: The Final Quest – Behind the Scenes Part II


With the end of The Fantasy Realm, it is now time to lift the curtain and reveal what goes on backstage. The production of each show was fairly similar. It took me an average of three days to write the story, after I finalized the playlist, and I always had a rehearsal the Monday before the Wednesday the episode airs.

The real fun happened in the studio where I read the story outloud live on the air. Below, you will see what a typical Wednesday in the studio looked like for when I recorded my show. Thank you to my friend, Carolina Tran, for recording this video during spring break. The story featured in the video is The Planet of Millenia. Enjoy!

Photo: Carolina Tran
Photo: Carolina Tran
Photo: Carolina Tran
Photo: Carolina Tran

The process for The Final Quest, however, was completely different. It required a lot of planning, scheduling, and dedication to make sure it turned out as incredible as I imagined it.

Below, you will find images of my voice actors and myself in the studio recording lines as well as videos of the recording sessions and of the end result of my nine-hour editing session of the episode.

Photo: Daniela Doncel
Photo: Kara Murray
Photo: Kara Murray
Photo: Kara Murray

Of course, with any kind of voice acting, there are bound to be mistakes. The Final Quest had many, so I decided to create an audio blooper reel to show how much fun we had behind the scenes. I hope you get a good laugh at all the times we messed up.

 Please note: the audio features explicit language. 


Thank you again for joining me on this adventure. It truly was a pleasure writing all these stories for radio. Though I don’t think I’d ever be able to do this again, I am glad I left behind a legacy at my radio station, not only as the news director, but as a writer. This show gave me the opportunity to combine my two greatest passions: writing and audio, and I am so happy because of it.

Until next time, traveler!

Fairfarren, Friends

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