Just Hit Send | Query Quest Update


I’ve written a solid book proposal thanks to my English class, but because of it, I have to change a big fat something in my novel. I’m happy that I caught it and can fix it, but it put me in this headspace that I never seem to get out of.

I have to push off querying until I fix this.

For some reason, I am notorious for pushing off the query process. I’ve come up with every excuse imaginable.

The thing is, though, I’m getting real sick and tired of pushing it off. I know I’m afraid. I know that’s the only reason why I keep pushing it off.

I especially know this because lately, I’ve been doubting my writing even more so than usual.

More and more, I’ve been thinking about sending my material into an agent. The more the idea solidifies in my head, the more my mind starts telling me that my book will never get picked up.

It’s even worse because I’m currently reading a book that has similar themes and concepts as my novel.

Something is telling me to give up, but I am fiercly fighting it.

If I can write an entire novel of 90,000 words in a year, I can put in the work to make it even better. If I can get a few people to say they’re genuinely interested in my book, I can find myself an agent, and soon after, a publisher. Many books have many similiar themes and concepts. Frankly, we’re all just rewriting the same words, and though there are similiarities, my novel is very different from my current read.

I have wanted to be an author more than anything in this world. Nothing brings me more joy than writing, and I will not let a few obstacles stop me from accomplishing my dream.

Yes, I have a lot of work to do, but the road to an agent is long. So, while I’m waiting, I’ll be working on improving my novel, Lionhearted.

I’ll also be working on my WIP II, a new trilogy I’ve been working on. I’m outlining it. This is whole new territory for me since I’m usually a pantser, but I’ve been tailoring the outline so I still have that space to explore the story during the writing process, which is the part of being a pantser that I love.

I’ve set a goal for myself to send out my first query letter this week. Cross your fingers for me!

Fairfarren, friend.

Fairfarren, Friends

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