How My First D&D Campaign Went | Dungeons & Dragons


“I would like everyone to roll initiative,” the Dungeon Master says with a sly smirk.

My heart beats louder than it should as I roll. I watch the others roll and announce their standing. I announce my own, and our first battle begins against giant rats.

Going into my first session, I was very nervous. Not only had I never played this game before, I am also a fairly shy person.

My character, however, is a cheeky little bookworm who thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. Playing her made me so nervous, because I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad, but after a while, I really got into it. With a few laughs and others trying even more ridiculous accents than my own, I felt very comfortable.

Though I had done my research, I was also very nervous about the dynamics of the game. Which die do I use? Am I allowed to do this? What do I add to my roll? Is this okay?

I felt like I kept asking a lot of stupid questions, but the people around me were so considerate and patient. It made everything so enjoyable. I could not have asked for a better group for my first campaign.

As our sessions continued and the dedicated players were left at the table, the walls were erased completely. I feel as though we truly became a fellowship. We knew how our characters worked, we understood our goals in the game, and we weren’t afraid to be silly and fun.

I took notes at every single session. Though I planned to share the adventure on here, I decided against it.

This campaign is quite special to me. Not just because it is my only campaign so far, but because it is my first, and it is the one that made me fall in love with the game.

Not to mention, I didn’t even have dice for the game when we started. The Dungeon Master, a kind soul, gifted us few newbies with our very first bag of dice. The dice still put a gentle smile on my face with the memories they carry.

Therefore, I want to keep our adventure to myself.

I am also grateful for the experience, because I truly believe it has given me more confidence. I never expected that, and yet, I cannot imagine myself without the self-confidence this game has given me.

Not just in trying out silly accents, but in believing in myself, my decisions, my actions, and my thoughts. In Dungeons & Dragons, though you play with others, you have a hand in everything that happens. You cannot just hide behind the decisions of others.

It is because of this game I am able to be a lot more confident in my decisions, not to mention, be able to listen to and work with others.

In a way, I am sad that I’ve only just now found the opportunity to play this game. Still, I am happy that I’ve found the game at all.

I hope to share new adventures and new characters that I create on here as they come up. I had so much fun writing the backstory for Ellywick the Forest Gnome. I already see myself scribbling away the backstory of my next character.

Before playing, my friend/dungeon master told me that I could probably be a dungeon master myself, considering I’m a writer. I told him I would love to try, after I’ve played the game as a player myself.

Now that I have, I am considering trying the dungeon master position. I love this game, and I would hate to be unable to play it because there is no dungeon master.

The next time I play, perhaps I will be the one calling the roll for initiative.

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