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Book Thoughts: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | The First 100 Pages

Book Thoughts

“‘Hello, Harry,’ [Sirius] said grimly, ‘I see you’ve met my mother.'”

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Page 78

And so the magic continues.

This book is enormous, and I haven’t read a giant book like this one in a long time, so starting it was a bit scary. Still, once I got into the first few chapters, I was much more at ease.

The first 100 pages was like starting college for the first time for me.

Harry is trying so hard to find all the information he wants, but people are making that difficult for him. Frankly, you can’t blame them, because he is underage.

Nevertheless, I agree with Sirius; he has a right to know.

Harry trying to force all these answers out of everyone is like him trying to force himself into adulthood. He’s impatient. He wants to fight alongside the big witches and wizards and defeat Voldemort before things can get worse.

It reminded me a bit of when I was growing up in my first year of college, trying to figure everything out all at once and realizing it’s not that simple.

I feel bad for Harry, and I believe Molly is a bit harsh despite the loving, motherly nature she has for Harry, but I understand that not only things are way more complicated than Harry realizes but also, the book wouldn’t be exciting if it weren’t for the mystery.

When discussing Dumbledore and his positions in the organizations of the magical world, all I could think of was how it all worked. Order of Merlin, the Wizengamot, the Ministry itself, what are the qualifications? What were their origins? I couldn’t help but be curious about all the details that don’t really matter for the sake of the story.

Let’s see what else this gigantic novel has in store for us.


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