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Here are 5 Random Fantasy Writing Prompts to Get You Writing

Sometimes, to get the pen ink flowing, you need a good writing prompt or exercise. I don’t use them that often, but when I do use them, I always find them to be very helpful in getting me back into that writing mood.

Whether you go through these all in one day or you do one for each day of the week, here are some random writing prompts just for you. To stay true to my favorite and preferred genre, these will all be fantasy-inspired prompts.


1. Where’s your tavern?

The bell rings as I enter the dimly-lit tavern of this town I’m passing through, and you are the innkeeper who greets me at the bar. Tell me all about your inn and tavern!

What’s it called? What’s the backstory of its name and creation? What’s your speciality in food and drink here?

Are the rooms luxurious or humble? Is there a bard every night, or do you only host a night of music and singing once a week? What other oddities does your tavern have that others in the land don’t? Do you host any special events?

Have there been any scraps or brawls in here? Is this a family-run business? Who are the regulars, and who are the types you keep an eye on when they walk in?

I ask for a drink and sit at the bar as I listen to the story of your inn and tavern.

2. What’s that glowing over there?

As we travel through the darkness of the forest, we see in the far distance a pulsing glow. Curiosity pulls us to it, and you pull it out of a little hole covered by some rocks.

What is it that you’ve found? Why is it glowing? Is it magical? Cursed? Who does it belong to? What is the backstory? What good things come from using it? Of course, where there are benefits, there are also risks and dangers. What is the risk that comes from this object?

Will you keep it for yourself? Or is its power too great for anyone to wield?

3. The gods and goddesses are in the stars

Before we head off to sleep, we look at the stars sparkling above us. I look at some of the constellations and tell you the tales of the gods and goddesses that the constellations represent. There’s one, maybe even two, that I don’t recognize, however. But you do.

Which constellation are you looking it? Describe it. Now, what god or goddess is connected to it? Why? Tell me their legacy. What are their virtues and vices? What symbols, animals, sounds are they associated with?

Have they mingled with mortals before? Are they to be feared or trusted? What do they look like?

Let us share the tales of those greater than us.

4. A ticket to where?

Search up Jeremy Soule on YouTube and choose a title of music that intrigues you. Once you do, listen to it with eyes closed. Imagine yourself in a train that’s taking you to a far away land.

When you arrive, it is this song that plays when you step foot in this new place. Where are you? What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Taste like? What kind sounds do you hear?

Is it a bustling place? What do the other travelers and locals look like? Let your eyes wander and people-watch. What stories pop out at you?

What about what isn’t right in front of your eyes? What is this place hiding? Is there a secret organization that has its hands in everything? Is it a kingdom ruled by a corrupt ruler? What unites all these people together, if anything?

Music is a very heft key to any far off land. Let it guide you.

5. What will you do when your legs give out?

Travelers can only travel so far. Eventually, age tells our bodies that it can no longer do what it once did.

So, where will you spend your retirement? If we could cross over to the lands we read about, where would you go? Will you spend the rest of your days smoking with a pipe in The Shire? Perhaps you’ll live a wizarding town in Scotland? Will you build your own cottage where you can sell apothecary goods to potion-makers?

What is your ideal place to rest after all your traveling is said and done?

I hope you enjoyed these writing prompts. I certaintly enjoyed thinking about them. Some ideas even popped up in my head, so I might just write about some of these myself.

Let me know your favorite down below if you have one!

Fairfarren, friend.

Fairfarren, Friends

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