Writer’s Desk

Voice Descriptors for Characters

It can be difficult to describe a characters voice when the only adjectives for voice you know of are husky and soft. This is a fairly extensive list of words to use to describe your characters’ voices which will definitely boost the quality of your writing.

Ambient Sounds and Music for Writers

For writers who like to feel immersed in their world when writing, or at least who like some background music, this is a list of some unique ambient sounds and music to listen to during a writing session.

When the Well is Dry, Find an Artist

When writer’s block hits you, it can be very difficult to find anything inspiring. Here’s one way I combat writer’s block.

A Query Quest Tool Kit

For those just starting to query for representation either via an agent or a publishing house, this tool kit is a perfect way to begin that journey.

Said Synonyms

This is an incredible resource when you’re writing dialogue. You can’t expect to use “said” every time a character speaks in your writing! Find a chart of synonyms here.